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Responsibility, trust, courage, respect, impact, and cohesion – these are INVENSITY’s core values which shape our daily interaction with our employees, applicants, customers, and all cooperation partners. Integrity and compliance with the law are crucial to the success of our business partners and our company.

Accordingly, adherence to the laws and regulations, and compliance to those laws, is of extremely high importance to us. Potential misconduct in this context can never be completely prevented, but we will not tolerate it under any circumstances. INVENSITY has installed various central points of contact where alleged compliance violations can be reported.

The preferred reporting procedure is always a direct conversation. However, in serious cases, i.e., if a law has been violated and a person is uncomfortable talking about the incident or fearful of negative implications for themselves or others, our whistleblower system is the option for anonymous reporting.

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Feedback Culture

If necessary, use our contact form for suggestions or complaints.

Whistleblower System

Anonymously report a serious grievance or potential violation of law.

Equal Opportunities Responsible

Contact person for employees of INVENSITY in case of violation of equal opportunity.

Feedback Culture

INVENSITY has an active feedback culture. Ideas, opportunities for improvement, or complaints can and should be addressed to the appropriate contact person at any time.

The escalation paths are as follows:

  • INVENSITY customers:
    • Business Development Manager
    • Head of Business Development
    • Management
  • INVENSITY applicants:
    • Human Relations Manager
    • Head of Human Relations
    • Management
  • INVENSITY employees:
    • Head of CoE
    • INVENSITY-Responsible
    • personal mentor
    • HRD responsible
    • Management

In contrast to informal and personal feedback, where confidentiality cannot always be guaranteed by the company, INVENSITY operates a whistleblower system. This is the explicit place to submit information about potentially legally punishable misconduct that you wish to bring to our attention anonymously.

Contact Form for Customers & Applicants

Whistleblower System – anonymous communication

INVENSITY’s online-based whistleblower system offers the possibility to report serious misconduct that constitutes a violation of law which would be reported as completely anonymous. This could be caused by employees, members of the management at INVENSITY, or our business partners.

Employees of INVENSITY, customers, business partners, applicants, or others who have a connection with INVENSITY who wish to report a justified suspicion with concrete information about a malpractice can submit tips using our anonymous whistleblower system.

Important: The whistleblower system is used exclusively for reporting serious grievances where a violation of applicable law is suspected. Concerns of an interpersonal nature or general dissatisfaction are to be addressed in a personal conversation with the respective people responsible.

Serious wrongdoings that are to be reported through the whistleblower system include information about the following:

  • Corruption
  • Nepotism
  • White-collar crime such as embezzlement, bribery, fraud or document forgery
  • Pollution
  • Physical assault and sexual harassment
  • Irregularities related to accounting and auditing
  • Incidents in which employees excessively misuse their system access


  1. Incident
    You suspect a compliance violation related to INVENSITY and have information about it that you would like to report.
  1. Report
    You use our whistleblower system to report the incident. To do this, you log into the whistleblower portal by creating an account. The portal guides you step by step through the rest of the process. Please provide as much information and evidence as possible to facilitate and speed up the processing of the case.
  1. Confirmation of receipt
    You will receive confirmation receipt of your report within seven days. This will be reviewed by independent, INVENSITY-external lawyers.
  1. Investigation
    If your case is deemed relevant by the external ombudsmen, it will be carefully handled. As a whistleblower, you will be informed within three months about the status of the investigation and follow-up measures will be initiated. If necessary, the ombudsmen will contact you via the anonymous interface within the three months for further inquiries, additional information, or the like.
  1. Result
    Upon completion of the investigation, the ombudsmen will report to the INVENSITY management with a recommendation for further action.
Visit the Whistleblower System

Information received is examined and processed by lawyers from the auditing firm Warth & Klein Grant Thornton. Confidentiality and anonymity continue to be guaranteed at this point as well.

  • If a report clearly proves to be unfounded, it is rejected and deleted from the system.
  • If the investigation shows that a report is justified, it is processed. Cases are then handled internally by INVENSITY to analyze reported information (if necessary with the help of external expert support, such as WKGT). Depending on the extent, consequences may arise for the employment relationship of the person who is the subject of the report. Reports are deleted from the system after five years but are kept in the personnel file of the person concerned for up to five years.
  • Warth & Klein Grant Thornton’s ombudsmen may also conclude that a case is significant enough that it must be reported to the police for further investigation.

The Warth & Klein Grant Thornton Ombudsmen, as the recipient of the report, are obligated to inform the subject of the report about facts of the case, if this does not jeopardize the investigation or the taking of evidence.

The identity of the person who filed the report will not be disclosed under any circumstances. However, should the whistleblower choose to disclose his or her identity, he or she may be called to the witness stand in the event of legal proceedings.

Anyone who would like to submit a substantiated tip with concrete information about a compliance violation by INVENSITY can do so via the whistleblower system. However, we will not tolerate any misuse of this service: Deliberately untrue allegations about third parties may constitute a criminal offense and entail consequences under labor law. In addition, in this case, we will no longer guarantee anonymity with respect to the person who is the subject of the report.

Furthermore, we do not tolerate any form of retaliation against alleged whistleblowers. This may also result in sanctions under labor law.

Special Case for INVENSITY Employees: Equal Opportunities Violations – Equal Opportunities Responsible

INVENSITY has created the role of the Equal Opportunities Responsible (EOR). In the event of a suspected violation of equal opportunities (discrimination based on personality traits), personal communication with the Equal Opportunities Responsible (EOR) is recommended. He/she accompanies INVENSITY in establishing and permanently maintaining an appreciative, respectful, and trusting work situation free of any form of discrimination.

In this context

  • he or she is a trustworthy point of contact for advice or complaints from the workforce in connection with discrimination, advises those affected, and represents their interests before the Directors Board.
  • he or she acts in an advisory capacity to the Directors Board.
  • he or she creates the systematic framework to establish equal opportunities and anti-discrimination.

Would you like to report a complaint related to discrimination? The Equal Opportunities Responsible is the right contact person for you:

Are you an INVENSITY employee? Then please also refer to this page with extensive information for INVENSITY employees. Find out more and talk to our EOR Responsible.