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Predictive Quality – Opportunities of AI in Production (Part II)

Apr 24th 2023|

What concrete steps can you take to harness AI and machine learning for your own production? Read part two of our interview "Predictive Quality - Opportunities of AI in Production". Christopher Seinecke and Dr. Marc Großerüschkamp take a closer look at the technical context, answer the question of the relevance of the data an AI learns from, and address concerns that the use of AI raises.

More efficient safety management with MBSE

Apr 24th 2023|

Jan Zutter, Head of Systems Engineering at INVENSITY, and Christian Dahm, Systems Engineering Consultant at INVENSITY, discuss the advantages and potential risks of switching to and using MBSE in development. They explore the question of how safety management can benefit from a model-based development approach.

Increase productivity with hybrid work models

Apr 24th 2023|

What impact does hybrid working have on collaboration in innovation and change projects? And how can good leadership keep employee productivity consistently high and perhaps even increase it? Read our latest blog-post to find answers to these questions.

Press release: Commercial & Technical Due Diligence for Lab14

Jan 27th 2023|

INVENSITY advises Lab14 on the acquisition of a majority stake of Nanosurf with a commercial and technical due diligence. Nanosurf brings in its AFM technology. With this step, Lab14 expands its portfolio of advanced manufacturing and surface analysis solutions once more.

AI in project management

Jan 26th 2023|

Artificial intelligences are becoming more and more common in companies and in our everyday life. This raises the question why project management in companies is still almost completely unaffected by artificial intelligence?

Press release: Commercial & Technical Due Diligence for United Robotics Group

Jan 18th 2023|

INVENSITY advises United Robotics Group (URG) on the acquisition of a majority stake of the Robotnik Automation S.L.L. with a commercial and technical due diligence. The German-based ecosystem of service robotics companies continues to partner with experts contributing to launching the successful third generation of service robots, CobiotX.

A Glimpse into Quantum Physics

Okt 12th 2022|

In this interview, Dr. Pascal Macha, a quantum physicist based in Sydney and INVENSITY alumnus, shares his thoughts with us: Christopher Seinecke, Managing Director of INVENSITY, asked him about quantum physics, his career, and where his knowledge comes into play in development projects.

The (Christmas) Fault Tree

Okt 12th 2022|

Fault tree analysis is an industry-proven method that uncovers cause-effect relationships of faults in complex systems for a top undesired event. In particular, it identifies the critical paths that contribute most to the occurrence of the disaster. Applied to the example of a burning Christmas tree, it can be vividly demonstrated how easily the probability of a fire can be reduced.

How artificial intelligence helps optimize resource planning

Okt 11th 2022|

In the current issue of Projektmagazin, our colleagues Marc Bollmann, Dr. Marc Großerüschkamp, and Mayanga Ngoy explain how artificial intelligence could be used to optimize your resource planning. Read the summary of the article here.

Onboarding at INVENSITY

Sep 8th 2022|

In our latest blog post, our colleague Nancy Dehling, who started at INVENSITY in early July, shares her experiences from the past ten weeks.

Expert Interview: SysML v2

Mai 10th 2022|

Dr. Fabian Ziegler and Leonhard Mertz, two of our technology consultants at INVENSITY, have seized a unique opportunity for INVENSITY: they have participated in taking the SysML modeling language to the next level by contributing their practical knowledge to the review process of version v2.

How requirements paralyze today’s product development process

Feb 24th 2022|

Requirements engineering in the automotive industry seems to have a paradox problem: The sum of requirements that is needed to describe a safe system has risen up to a point, where the need to consider all of them will most likely diminish quality instead of increasing it.

Software & Technology in Transactions – Software as the new “Brick & Mortar”

Dez 9th 2021|

In an increasing digitized world, software solutions have become omnipresent in our businesses. It is therefore hardly surprising that investors are also showing an increasingly strong interest in software companies. In this blog post Stefan Marquart, Associate Manager in the field of M&A at INVENSITY, talks about what to keep in mind when investing into the software market.

Recognize, regulate and influence emotions better with ‘Emotional Intelligence’

Nov 25th 2021|

Our head of CoE Safety Management, Sascha Hackmann, is not only an expert in his profession, but he also is a trainer of our INVENSTIY Academy for the training ‘Emotional Intelligence’. In his blog post, he shares some valuable insights on what we are meaning when asking for emotional intelligence as a highly appreciated soft skill.

Safety Culture Enables the Future of Automotive Development

Nov 16th 2021|

Each automotive development brings its own set of complexities and dangers. In this blog post, James Garrett, Safety Management Consultant at INVENSITY, talks about what is necessary to overcome these challenges and fully realize these groundbreaking technologies. In short – Safety culture!

A bug for a feature

Okt 18th 2021|

Keeping up high development speed, reducing bugs and creating maintainable/reusable code – If these are your goals, ‚code quality‘ should be your focus. In this blog post Nils Berger, Senior Consultant at INVENSITY, talks about practices that increase software quality.

What makes a leader great? 

Sep 30th 2021|

In struggling ages like these, we all demand for leaders. When things become dynamic, and complexity grows, we hope for someone to protect us, to prevent us from harm and to lead us to a better place, where we are safe. In this blog post, Frank Lichtenberg, Director of INVENSITY, shares the most important principles of how to become a great leader.

Press Release: Successful technologies and software due dilligence

Sep 3rd 2021|

INVENSITY GmbH has advised Maxburg on the partnership with the Ravensburg based software company acontis technologies GmbH. With the support of Maxburg, acontis will continue its growth strategy benefitting from increasing global demand for machine-to-device communications in the fields of industrial automation, robotics, medtech and measurement technology.

Work Habits of an Excellent Employee: 5 Habits and How to Actually Make Them Stick

Aug 19th 2021|

45% of our daily behavior is attributed to habits. You can think of habit behavior like our brain turning on autopilot, which it prefers over making proactive decisions.   This is why it is so important to implement positive habits in the workplace. Many highly successful professionals actually attribute their success to exactly this. But where do we start? How can we start the process of implementing positive working habits?

Making autonomous driving safer. This is KARLI.

Aug 3rd 2021|

The goal of the KARLI project is to develop an adaptive, responsive and level-compliant interaction between humans and the vehicle of the future and to use Artificial intelligence (AI) methods to develop new safety-related assistance systems. Dr. Marc Großerüschkamp is the Head of Technology Hub and the person responsible for INVENSITY’s part within the KARLI project. In this short interview he provides insights into the project.

Agile potential analysis: How to fully exploit your agile potential

Jul 22nd 2021|

Nowadays, many organizations are focusing more than ever on implementing agile methods, trying to take advantage of the agility to address this increased uncertainty of our time and its circumstances. It has become clear that the introduction and implementation of agility is not always that simple. Companies, individuals and especially the individual teams repeatedly encounter challenges in becoming agile and fully realizing their agile potential.

Press Release: Successful commercial and technical due dilligence

Jun 25th 2021|

Successful commercial and technical due dilligence: INVENSITY advises RSBG portfolio company RSGB Advanced Manufacturing Technologies GmbH on the acquisition of Notion Systems GmbH, a supplier of industrial inkjet printing systems, with commercial and technical due diligence. 

Requirements Management – A Story of Neglect and Potential

Jun 8th 2021|

Requirements management (RM) is one of the most critical aspects of product development; it is prevalent from the definition of a project to the delivery of a finished product. This blog post tries to find an answer to the question: Why is Requirements Management, a process with the potential to add immense value when properly defined and implemented, often neglected and a pain point in engineering organizations today?

How to apply ISO 26262 to the development of self driving cars?

Mai 12th 2021|

How to safely develop self driving cars when there are still so many challenges to face that the current safety standard, the ISO 26262, does not answer? Sascha Hackmann, Safety Management expert at INVENSITY, presents to you the three main challenges and gives suggestions how to approach these.

Why talk about creativity when you want innovation? – Part III

Mrz 22nd 2021|

Do you want to know how to win the innovation race? Then check out the third part of our three-part blog series about systematic innovation. Our expert in innovation and innovation management Volker Lippitz presents the way to bring forth innovation with the help of systematic innovation. At the end of the third part, he summarizes some arguments for the thesis that innovation needs more pragmatism and systematics and gives an overview of the key learnings.

Why talk about creativity when you want innovation? – Part II

Mrz 15th 2021|

Do you want to know how to win the innovation race? Then check out the second part of our three-part blog series about systematic innovation. Our expert in innovation and innovation management Volker Lippitz illuminates the reasons why creativity dominates the innovation process even though it is in direct conflict with essential company interests and juxtaposes in-house innovation management and radical innovation management.

Why talk about creativity when you want innovation? – Part I

Mrz 8th 2021|

Do you want to know how to win the innovation race? Then check out the first part of our three-part blog series about systematic innovation. Our expert in innovation and innovation management Volker Lippitz not only explains the difference between a creative and systematic approach, but gives valuable background information about how to use the systematic approach to create innovations.

How to innovate: Product innovation by using AI

Mrz 1st 2021|

In our interview with Eric von Hippel and Sandro Kaulartz we talk about a new approach to the division of labor in product innovation and innovation in general using artificial intelligence and user innovations.

Electromobility and Electric Vehicles: Challenges and Trends

Feb 23rd 2021|

Are you concerned about some aspects of electromobility and electric vehicles such as range or charging time and want to know more about these challenges and future trends? In this blog post Alper Kücük, our consultant in Systems Engineering, spans an arc from the historical background to the challenges and future trends of electric mobility and electric vehicles and thereby shows that we will have to change our understanding of mobility.

Learning about Agile Product Development

Jan 6th 2021|

Interested in implementing Agile product development, but not sure where to start? In this blog post Mike Saint-Jean, our Agile Project Management expert, shares some interesting insights into why and how to become agile.

Video Interview on AGILE Product Development

Nov 20th 2020|

Are you looking to improve your product development processes? Our Project Management expert, Mike Saint-Jean provides his insight into why adopting or optimizing your own AGILE approach will be the pivot that increases ROI in product development.

How does a leader become great?

Nov 3rd 2020|

How does a leader become great? In this blog post, Frank Lichtenberg, Director of INVENSITY, shares the most important principles of great leadership.

Interview with cybersecurity expert Jana von Wedel

Okt 22nd 2020|

Why does the topic of cybersecurity become more and more important in the field of product development? How can a tool make carrying out a TARA easier? Jana Karina von Wedel, cybersecurity expert, answers these and further questions in our interview.

Embedded AI – How an AI Revolution will look in the German industry

Sep 23rd 2020|

AI applications can already be implemented on today's embedded systems. From an economic point of view, this offers great potential for the German industry. Our AI expert, Johannes Schürmann, shares his opinion on how an AI revolution may look like in the German industry.

Relaxion in everyday life and work – Part II

Sep 8th 2020|

Sitting down for brief periods can help us unwind from stress or recover from exercise. But nowadays, our lifestyles make us sit much more than we should. In this article, we provide you with some tips on how to include more movement into your work routine.

What good processes have to do with soccer

Sep 3rd 2020|

When OEMs demand a specific evidence of mature processes from their suppliers, you seldom get a happy look. However, if used properly, customers can benefit from this demand.

How uncertainty can be made predictable

Aug 28th 2020|

At the peak of our current crisis, companies are left feeling paralyzed and uncertain about their future. One possible way of gaining planning reliability again is to adapt internal work processes.

INVENSITY Kindergarten Contest 2020

Jul 14th 2020|

Everyday life for children is no longer the same as before Corona. The way back to regular operation in day-care centres holds great challenges for everyone involved. INVENSITY dedicates its Kindergarten Contest 2020 to the solution of just these challenges.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Jul 13th 2020|

AI is revolutionizing the industry - but how can you benefit from this technology? Our AI experts have found a way to assess AI according to its suitability for different companies.

Everyone can be a leader!

Jul 10th 2020|

What does leadership have to do with going to the gym? This is a question INVENSITY's Director, Frank Lichtenberg, answers in his key note.

COVID-19: Simulating current and target behavior

Apr 9th 2020|

We compare the current and the target (as required by the government) spread of COVID-19 using the epidemiologic models from the previous article feeded with data provided by the Robert Koch Institute.

COVID-19: Success of the contact prohibition

Apr 7th 2020|

In this article we present evidence that the contact ban ordered by the government is beginning to achieve first successes. We also discuss the different data sources and summarize the development of the last month.

COVID-19 outbreak analysis

Apr 3rd 2020|

The CoE Analytics & Sensorics analyses on a regular base available COVID-19 data to give insights into possibilities and constraints of Data Analysis.