Navigating in STORMS:
From Uncertainty to Action

The challenge

These are turbulent times. From industries to individuals, uncertainty about the future looms as the current crisis goes way beyond a health crisis and has the potential of restructuring the global economy.

The immediate near-term impact on us remains unclear and uncertain for many.  Questions like:

  • How long will lock-downs and quarantines last?
  • What repercussions will this have across society, industries and particularly my industry?
  • What are imminent and mid-term risks and opportunities?
  • How can we adapt to new ways of working?

There are many difficult questions – and no easy solutions or answers.

Nevertheless, the situation we face today calls for immediate responses. The ones who act fast and determined while remaining agile can gain immensely, others will fall victim to this crisis.

The solution: STORMS

Scenarios. Tactics. Operations. Response. Manual. Strategy.
Immediate Value Contribution
  • Reduce uncertainty and gain clarity in a short time
  • Alignment of Management & Leadership
  • Make fast decisions on a profound understanding of a given situation
  • Preserve the current business and capture emerging opportunities
  • Ensure the capacity to act
  • Increase agility and responsiveness
Mid-term Value Contribution
  • Increase resilience of your company
  • Improve your competitive position, gain an additional advantage over competition
  • Identify and capture new markets and business
  • Shape the future: create new markets and standards

What our clients say

“The STORMS approach enables us to identify new customers, shaping our customer value proposition, as well as defining new application use cases and business models.

The energy level and mindset of the INVENSITY team, as well as the broad industry expertise, made the project extremely valuable and enjoyable for us. Your team consistently succeeded our expectations.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with you as strategic partners in the years to come.”

– Martin Back (Managing Director at BigRep GmbH, Germany)

7-step approach

Based on their long experience in the field, Rohrbeck Heger has created a foresight-inspired method Scenario-based Decision Making. Drawing from proven methodologies and with the operational capabilities of INVENSITY, the method enforces strategic clarity within your organization by addressing your key uncertainties, their impact on your organization, your response options and priorities, and ensuring the transfer into action.


The people at INVENSITY and Rohrbeck Heger are individual personalities and experts in their field. No matter how different their abilities and characters may be – we are united by a passion for technology. That is why we stand behind what we do with enthusiasm.

Tobias Heger
Tobias HegerFounding & Managing Partner (Rohrbeck Heger)
Stefan Marquart
Stefan MarquartSenior Business Consultant (INVENSITY)
Prof. Dr. René Rohrbeck
Prof. Dr. René RohrbeckFounding Partner (Rohrbeck Heger)

As strategic foresight and innovation consultants, we are creative, critical and analytical thinkers that prepare firms for the future.

Rohrbeck Heger was founded by Prof. Dr. René Rohrbeck and Tobias Heger after years of experience in research and practice to become the leading strategic foresight and innovation management consultancy.

Our mission is to increase success and enhance the sustainable competitiveness of our clients in uncertain times. Together with our clients we help them to prepare for future trends and changing needs, sudden events or black swans, and uncertainty in a way that lets them build superior value, a competitive advantage and a prosperous company future.

We believe that our values and high standards are critical for providing top-class consultancy services. We place great importance in quality, open-mindedness, reliability, commitment, open communication, and agility. We are determined to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients and work as closely as possible with them to do so.

All of our business activities are driven by our inner conviction that technology has the potential to make the world a better place. This is the foundation of both our mission and vision that we at INVENSITY work towards together every day.

We know that you can’t do the greatest things alone, you have to work as a team to do them. That is why our actions are based on a set of values that enable successful cooperation both within INVENSITY and with our clients.

INVENSITY is a global technology and innovation consultancy with offices in Germany, USA and the Philippines. With its Academy and its Technology Hub, INVENSITY guarantees lasting top performance for renowned companies in the research and development sector.

High-quality training and individual mentoring promote the knowledge, talents and skills of employees who develop methods and competencies across projects in the internal departments.

Further Information

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Read the article in M&A Review (issue 06-2020, available for subscribers).

In the well-known journal our expert on scenario-based decision making, Stefan Marquart, and Tobias Heger, Founding and Managing Partner of Rohrbeck Heger, share some insights on how to deal with crisis situations.

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