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Agile potential analysis: How to fully exploit your agile potential

Nowadays, many organizations are focusing more than ever on implementing agile methods, trying to take advantage of the agility to address this increased uncertainty of our time and its circumstances. It has become clear that the introduction and implementation of agility is not always that simple. Companies, individuals and especially the individual teams repeatedly encounter challenges in becoming agile and fully realizing their agile potential.

Agile potential analysis: How to fully exploit your agile potential2021-07-22T15:25:20+02:00

Learning about Agile Product Development

Interested in implementing Agile product development, but not sure where to start? In this blog post Mike Saint-Jean, our Agile Project Management expert, shares some interesting insights into why and how to become agile.

Learning about Agile Product Development2021-01-13T09:37:24+01:00

Video Interview on AGILE Product Development

Are you looking to improve your product development processes? Our Project Management expert, Mike Saint-Jean provides his insight into why adopting or optimizing your own AGILE approach will be the pivot that increases ROI in product development.

Video Interview on AGILE Product Development2020-11-24T17:12:30+01:00

What good processes have to do with soccer

When OEMs demand a specific evidence of mature processes from their suppliers, you seldom get a happy look. However, if used properly, customers can benefit from this demand.

What good processes have to do with soccer2020-09-18T11:56:31+02:00

How uncertainty can be made predictable

At the peak of our current crisis, companies are left feeling paralyzed and uncertain about their future. One possible way of gaining planning reliability again is to adapt internal work processes.

How uncertainty can be made predictable2020-09-18T11:55:03+02:00

AI in project management

Artificial intelligences are becoming more and more common in companies and in our everyday life. This raises the question why project management in companies is still almost completely unaffected by artificial intelligence?

AI in project management2020-09-18T11:50:14+02:00