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What good processes have to do with soccer

When OEMs demand a specific evidence of mature processes from their suppliers, you seldom get a happy look. However, if used properly, customers can benefit from this demand.

What good processes have to do with soccer2020-09-18T11:56:31+02:00

How uncertainty can be made predictable

At the peak of our current crisis, companies are left feeling paralyzed and uncertain about their future. One possible way of gaining planning reliability again is to adapt internal work processes.

How uncertainty can be made predictable2020-09-18T11:55:03+02:00

Everyone can be a leader!

What does leadership have to do with going to the gym? This is a question INVENSITY's Director, Frank Lichtenberg, answers in his key note.

Everyone can be a leader!2020-09-18T12:01:36+02:00