INVENSITY shares its wealth of expertise in high-end technology gained over many years with its customers in a solution-orientated and flexible way. INVENSITY’s employees deliberately make use of the bundled knowledge of a sector or a technology and also check applicability of this knowledge in other industries. Thus, added value can be created beyond the core industries of INVENSITY.


The automobile industry is one of INVENSITY’s core industries – here, INVENSITY works closely with OEMs and their suppliers. The commercial vehicle industry is also part of this client segment.

Rail Industry

With far-reaching experience, INVENSITY offers assistance in the 3 core areas: (1) locomotives and rail vehicles, (2) infrastructure, as well as (3) signaling equipment and telecommunications.


The technical challenges are similar to those faced by the other industries within the INVENSITY client circle, with maintenance and the need for safety naturally being of greater significance in the defense industry.

Energy & Utilities

Thanks to its cross-sector experience, INVENSITY offers customized solutions in the energy industry in the areas of development, optimization of processes and project management.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Based on INVENSITY’s experience, we are ideally positioned to offer tailored solutions in the health care industry, especially in the areas of embedded software, supplier management and software development/testing.

Optical Technologies

Optical technologies as a technological area is a sector of indispensible importance for INVENSITY. It comprises 9 areas, which are found in everyday and high-tech applications in the photonics industry.

Telecommunications & Electronics

Thanks to its cross-sector experience, INVENSITY offers bespoke solutions in the telecommunications industry, particularly in the areas of IT development, change management and in the optimization of processes.


The high level of innovation in the sector makes it an attractive client segment for INVENSITY. Our structure corresponds to the client requirements that rely on technical know-how, experience and communication skills.