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  • noviembre 6th, 2023

    In a rapidly changing business landscape, SMEs can harness the power of the OKR method to boost agility, transparency, and employee engagement. This requires meticulous preparation, consistent implementation, and external guidance for optimal results.

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  • noviembre 6th, 2023

  • octubre 10th, 2023

  • octubre 4th, 2023

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  • septiembre 5th, 2023

    INVENSITY provided commercial due diligence advisory services to MM Mittelstandsbeteiligungen GmbH and Invest Unternehmensbeteiligungs AG for their investment in Sokratel Kommunikations- und Datensysteme GmbH. Sokratel is an engineering service provider specializing in complex solutions for clients in industrial automation and automotive industries, showcasing its deep technological competence through self-developed tools and software products. With more than 130 employees across multiple locations in Germany and the continued involvement of the company founders, Thomas Frei and Hermann Frei, as shareholders and Managing Directors, this investment aligns with Sokratel's growth strategy. INVENSITY, known for its expertise in IT and engineering technology, leveraged its extensive market and technology knowledge to conduct the due diligence, solidifying its role as a trusted reference in the field.

  • septiembre 4th, 2023

    Automotive SPICE ® Version 3.991 was recently released. It represents the final preliminary draft of the planned version 4.0. What should the players in automotive development be prepared for now? Find the answer to this question in our latest blog post.

  • septiembre 4th, 2023

    ISO 8800 is soon to be released – it will play an important role when it comes to the question of how to ensure that AI-powered road vehicles operate safely and reliably. In this interview, Sascha Hackmann, our Head of Automated Driving, investigates the significance of AI technology in automotive industry and the crucial questions concerning the intersection of AI and the safety of road vehicles.

  • septiembre 4th, 2023

    Where lie the key differences in the development process between classical software and AI? This is what our AI experts Dr. Marc Großerüschkamp and Mina Khosravifard discuss in this interview. They focus especially on the role of data and the security of AI systems.

  • septiembre 4th, 2023

    Development in the automotive industry is constantly being driven forward. One of the results are complex systems that can be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Björn Engelhardt explains the role vulnerability management plays in making your systems safe and secure.

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