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A better way to complete your TARAs.

ISAT pro combines the complete analysis and concept phase of security development in one tool. Clearly arranged, application-related and reliable.

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The Need for Efficiency in Security Development

High-quality, reliable and process-oriented security assessments are an essential part of the development process of cyber-physical systems.

The necessary Threat Analysis and Risk Assessments (TARAs) are very complex, time consuming and possibly nerve-racking to perform, even for security experts.

In this context, clarity, reusability as well as process and standard conformity are characteristics that lead to efficiency and quality improvements.

With ISAT 4.0, the INVENSITY Security Assessment Tool, we integrate these requirements and make it easier for you to carry out your security analyses.

Developed by security engineers

We have to overcome the same challenge: that’s why we developed a tool for ALL security engineers.

5+ years of experience

ISAT pro is the third major update. It combines years of experience in successfully implementing the tool.

Driven by client feedback

ISAT pro is based on the feedback from 60+ cross-industrial projects, e.g. in Automotive, Energy, Medical & Defense.

ISAT pro Features

Reusability of data

It saves you time and money – and ensures the quality of your security analysis: ISAT pro allows you to reuse partial results or even entire security analysis projects. Individual parts, for example of an attack tree, as well as entire structures can be copied and used within a project or even across projects. ISAT pro thus not only ensures consistency and reduces the susceptibility to errors, but experience has shown that it saves you up to 30% of the time and associated costs that you would normally need for a security analysis.


Maximum transparency for your project result: each node in the analysis tree has its own ID, which allows identified requirements to be mapped directly to it. With the log function, changes in the attack tree can be tracked at any time and can be traced back to individual users. Thus, old work states can be restored if necessary. Also, the tree structure makes it easy to trace logical chains of argumentation.

Improved management reporting

Management reporting made easy: ISAT 4.0 comes with a management reporting matrix that works like a traffic light. This means that your management does not have to consist of security experts in order to understand which effects can occur, how likely they are to occur and which countermeasures can turn red areas into green areas.

Process conformity with ISO21434 & ISO2700x

Step by step: ISAT 4.0 guides you through your security argumentation. If you forget important steps, the tool immediately shows you which information is missing to complete your security analysis. ISAT 4.0 thus prevents individual process steps from being forgotten.

Overview of the points of attack

No more days of having to deal with confusing Excel wallpapers: even with a high number of attack elements in a security analysis, ISAT 4.0 offers a clear overview. By visualizing an analysis as a tree, it becomes quickly apparent from which point of attack the highest risks result and which risks have the strongest impact on the system.

Customized features

Create together with us: in coordination with the ISAT pro tool developers, you can integrate your specific requirements into the tool. INVENSITY responds to your needs in the best possible way.

Intellectual Property

Stay in control of your data – you host ISAT 4.0 and remain the sole owner of your data. No external company, including INVENSITY, have access to it because of your use of ISAT 4.0.

Export Function

Share your analysis results: the Excel export function allows you to export all data of your attack tree and save it locally. This allows you to share the results of your security analysis with your customers or export data to other tools.


Software license

Test ISAT pro for four weeks without obligation and free of charge. Afterwards, we will provide you with an individual and non-binding offer based on your specific requirements.

In addition to the licensing of ISAT pro, you can request or make use of further offers and services if required – even at any later point in time.

Additional consulting services

  • The execution of Threat Analysis and Risk Assessments (TARAs) by our security experts
  • Training for your internal and external employees
  • Consulting services on all topics in the area of cybersecurity

With INVENSITY, you experience a holistically conceived customer service and thus have – if desired – a central partner available for all aspects of cybersecurity.


1. Software installation: ISAT pro is transferred to your system via Docker Container. Your internal IT department will then install the on-premise software on your servers.

2. Initial commissioning: our INVENSITY IT experts arrange an appointment with your IT department to set up ISAT pro together (via MS teams or live on site).

3. Let’s go!: Improve the efficiency of your products and conduct TARAs with ISAT pro right away due to the intuitive user interface.

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Natascha Freitag

Natascha Freitag
ISAT pro Product Owner

+49 172 6387956

Hello! My name is Natascha Freitag and I would like to give you the best experience with our security assessment tool.

If you have questions about ISAT 4.0 or are interested in testing the tool in a trial version for two weeks, please contact me. Simply click on the button below or contact me by phone or e-mail.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and introducing ISAT 4.0 and its features in more detail.

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This is how it’s done:

1. Get in touch with us by phone, e-mail or contact form.

2. We will arrange an appointment with you.

3. In this meeting, we will introduce ISAT pro in a live demonstration.

4. You will get access to a 2-week trial version. During this time, you can get to know the tool and test it extensively.

5. After these two weeks, we will contact you. If you are interested in licensing ISAT pro for your company, we will be happy to propose an individual offer.

6. We appreciate your feedback – even should you have no interest in ISAT pro.

ISAT pro Tool Support

Our ISAT pro support team will be happy to assist you with any questions about the tool.

Please expect a response within two business days after receiving your request.

Monday to Friday 7 AM – 3 PM

We are here for you all year round, except on the German national holiday and during Christmas (December 24 – 31).

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