COVID-19 Analysis

INVENSITY analyses the publicly available data of the Robert Koch Institute in order to make the dynamics of the pandemic understandable for everyone and to obtain predictions about the future. In the current time it is especially important to know such forecasts in order to develop your sustainable and future-proof strategy.

The INVENSITY Center of Excellence Analytics & Sensorics analyses on a regular basis available COVID-19 data to give insights into possibilities and constraints of Data Analysis

Established as Think-Tank for statistics and data analysis, the INVENSITY Center of Excellence Analytics & Sensorics usually enables companies to understand themselves better by analyzing their data (process, metrology, manufacturing…) to extract hidden information and parameters.

With this project, we want to share our daily analysis about the actual COVID-19 outbreak and about impacts of these statistics. Everyone shall have the opportunity to understand how decisions in politics, society and in our daily life may have an impact and why data can be interpreted in such different ways from different stakeholders.

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