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Requirements Engineering Outsourcing

Many development departments would like to be able to hand over complete packages, such as requirements engineering, to a partner and thus gain capacity or pick up speed, as licensing issues are no longer such an issue.

Most requirements engineering tools offer an easy way to export and import content via ReqIF. This offers the chance to pass on entire specifications, functionalities or smaller groupings of requirements. Requirements engineering can thus take place in any IT environment. The processed work packages can then be returned to the project-specific tool environment in their entirety or at defined milestones.

What is the INVENSITY Requirements Engineering Outsourcing?

It is a process in which work packages are passed on for processing independently of a given IT infrastructure. This takes place in several steps.

Step 1
Export of data from the project-specific IT environment

First, the project data is exported in the form of work packages from the project-specific IT environment. The requirement tool used does not matter as long as it has the standardized and widely used ReqIF interface. The scope can range from a few requirements to entire specifications.

Step 2
Import of data into INVENSITY’s own IT environment

The exported data is then imported into INVENSITY’s own IT environment. The information security of the environment is certified according to ISO 27001.

Step 3
Processing of the work packages

Our experienced requirements engineering specialists can start directly with the processing of the work packages without any familiarization time with new tools. In addition to writing the requirements, this also includes the coordination and execution of reviews, as well as the creation of bi-directional traceability.

Step 4
Returning the data to the project-specific IT environment

After completion of the work packages or at previously agreed milestones, the data is exported from INVENSITY’s own IT environment and fed back into the project-specific IT environment.

Which benefits does the INVENSITY Requirements Engineering Outsourcing offer?

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