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Hardware SPICE Implementation

Due to increasing complexity and interdisciplinarity of systems, more and more OEMs are asking for comparable processes in the area of hardware development. This comparability is most reliably demonstrated by compliance with Hardware SPICE (HWSPICE). Due to the novelty of the standard, it is often not known whether and if so, how much has to be changed in the approach to hardware development in order to be compliant with it.

What is the INVENSITY HWSPICE Readiness Report?

It is a report that maps the current status quo of your organization and describes the gap to a targeted HWSPICE level in two areas.

  • Formal Gap: Where are practices, processes, documents, KPIs, etc. missing that are required for an HWSPICE Level 2, for example
  • Operational gap: How far away is your organization from the required way of working with the currently lived processes. This provides insight into the scope of changes required to implement changed processes.

The INVENSITY HWSPICE Readiness Report also shows you an estimate of the effort associated with HWSPICE.

  • Effort to close the formal gap.
  • Effort to change ways of working.

Optional: readiness report outlines the benefits associated with implementing HWSPICE.

  • Implementing HWSPICE does not necessarily mean it will cost money in the long run.
  • The report uncovers optimization potential that can be realized with HWSPICE.
  • A rough break-even calculation is performed (“Sanity Check”).
Step 1
Perform an interview with an expert from your hardware team
  • Even when no written processes are available, an experienced team member knows how “it is done.”
  • Bringing existing processes into formal notation is an easy and quick task; therefore, a Readiness-check makes perfect sense when there are no or few documented processes.
  • If you already have written processes, we recommend also interviewing the process expert (Step 2) to investigate for differences between lived and written processes.
Step 2 (optional)
Perform an interview with your process expert
  • It is pretty common to have formal processes available and “interpretations” of them in the teams during daily work. There are different reasons for this (e.g., efficiency).
  • By interviewing the process expert (person who defined the formal processes), we can see such GAPs.
  • If you do not have such a process expert available, but the processes exist, talk to us.
Step 3
INVENSITY is presenting the final report
  • The written report contains:
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Potential gaps
    • Recommendations to be HWSPICE-ready
    • Optional: Optimization potential which can be realized through HWSPICE, including sanity-check.

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