“A tailored set of systems engineering processes is essential to combine efficiency, project communication and state-of-the-art technology. An outside view offers you the opportunity to review and, if necessary, adapt structures that have evolved over time.”

Jan Zutter
Principal Consultant & Head of Systems Engineering

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Systems Engineering

With the support of our systems engineering competencies, you improve the interdisciplinary communication of the subareas in your development process. We help you achieve greater efficiency in documentation, work with the latest methods and practices, and comply with all relevant standards for your product development.

We solve the increasing complexity of development processes with our many years of experience, e.g. in aerospace, medical or automotive engineering. We enable you to independently build the best possible development process, accompany you step-by-step during implementation if required and ensure efficient approaches in your development process.


Requirements Management

Requirements Management (RM or REQM) as the first step of system development is the decisive factor for the success or failure of a project.

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Requirements Engineering Outsourcing

INVENSITY offers the possibility of outsourcing requirements and processing work packages in requirements engineering in an IT infrastructure that is independent of you.

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Test Management

High quality test management can make the difference between success and failure of a project. The question of whether a test process as such is even necessary is no longer asked today.

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Hardware SPICE Implementation

INVENSITY reviews the status quo of your organization and documents formal as well as operational gaps to a target Hardware SPICE (HWSPICE) level. This HWSPICE readiness report also includes an effort estimate.

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Model Based Systems Engineering

Model Based Systems Engineering creates a unified model for your project. Everyone can easily find the information relevant for him/her in the own, customized view and is informed about the whole project without handling more than one tool environment.

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Jan Zutter
Head of Systems Engineering