“It’s incredibly joyful to be able to achieve top performance with perfectly tailored tools, because every step of the work simply works.

I see our task as making that possible for as many people as possible. Life offers too many beautiful things to spend it transferring numbers from one Excel to another.”

Dr. Fabian Ziegler
Head of System & Process Automation / Head of Photonics & Metrology

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System and Process Automation

Development of customized software for the optimized execution of manufacturing and qualification processes in the high-tech segment.

We specialize in the needs of companies that operate complex small batch and/or one-off production and therefore find it difficult to use the classic, large-scale software solutions for their tasks.

With customized software, companies whose manufacturing, development and validation are closely intertwined can automate many repetitive steps in these areas, e.g.

  • manual data entry,
  • time-consuming review of test data/specifications,
  • search for and selection or even modification of suitable measurement algorithms.

Thus we increase the efficiency of the valuable and rare operators needed here by up to 40% (feedback from previous clients).

Our Automation Solutions connect the relevant actors and data sources in development and manufacturing and consist of e.g. the following elements:

  • Modular central software unit – the heart of the Automation Solution.
  • Dedicated area for the development and modification of measurement and analysis algorithms and for the separation of manufacturing and development.
  • Any number of GUIs specifically tailored to the use cases and users to optimally support the workflow, e.g. for the operator performing a specific machining or test step or a developer optimizing algorithms via a dedicated GUI. Fully automated solutions without GUIs are also possible.
  • Any number of database connections and communication or data interfaces to internal data systems. If desired, we take into account existing protocols and systems in order to seamlessly embed our Automation Solution into existing IT structures. Of course, we also provide our clients with concrete advice on how to modernize and improve existing structures.
  • A connection to test benches, sensors or production machines for control or data exchange by the operator.
  • If remote control is required, security-relevant communication interfaces are added to ensure that sensitive data leaves the production site but not the IT world of the company.
  • Our modular design allows us to integrate any additional elements or at least to create appropriate interfaces for them.
  • Each automation solution comes with extensive documentation, which enables the client to further develop the system himself or with the help of third parties. We do not want to create dependencies, but rather develop the best possible solutions on an equal footing and then experience them in action!

Advantages of our software solution

  • Increased efficiency through automation
  • Single-source-of-truth
  • Data for all participants directly after generation
  • Extended possibilities for remote work
  • Monitoring and reporting in quasi-real time
  • Data analysis and optimization of any kind possible
  • Modular architecture enables arbitrary extensions
  • It is fun to work with (according to client feedback) …
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Advantages with INVENSITY as a development partner

  • Use of field-tested modules
  • Individual tailoring to all specific needs
  • Independence: You own the source code!
  • 15 years of experience with systems in complex operating environments:
  • Algorithms, backend, frontend, GUI/UX, data systems, process management…
  • Understanding of wishes and needs of your users
  • If desired, we take over system maintenance/support
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Dr. Fabian Ziegler
Head of System & Process Automation / Head of Photonics & Metrology