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Continuous Everything & DevOps

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) automates repetitive tasks: From software builds to testing and code analysis to software release, including documentation and quality reporting.

CI/CD reduces development effort, improves confidence in code changes, reduces risk through more consistent processes, and thus frees up space for more important tasks.

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With a good CI/CD you create resources for your current and future development topics

  • By automating software testing and quality reporting, you can increase confidence in the product among all stakeholders.
  • Results of a software change are transparent, timely, and automated, shortening development, testing, and feedback cycles. This supports scheduling: new functions are implemented correctly and on the planned date, and bug solutions are identified and implemented promptly.
  • Continuous builds in the execution of a test system ensure executable and correct software on the main development branches.
  • Efforts can be estimated more easily and risks minimized with arbitrarily customizable report analyses.
  • Build artifacts assist with subsequent defect analysis and archiving of software releases.

Service Offer

We support you in the introduction, expansion and improvement of Continuous Integration – from versioning to build automation and automated tests to deployment.

  • Evaluation of your CI/CD and consulting in its improvement based on Staged Continuous Integration (StaCI), our maturity methodology on CI/CD.
  • Support in the implementation and expansion of version control systems- and configuration.
  • Build and test automation with attention to variant management (toolchain configuration, HiL and smoke testing, automated reports)
  • Automatic API generation and documentation.
  • Introduction and extension of CI software (Jenkins, GitLab CI)
  • DevOps concept development and implementation.

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Ulf Stocker
Head of Software Engineering