“With methodological competence, practiced handling of architecture and design patterns, appropriate tools, and expertise in various programming languages, it is possible to ensure project success even for complex tasks.”

Ulf Stocker
Principal Consultant & Head of Software Engineering

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Software Engineering

The CoE Software Engineering provides methods and tools for successfully executing software development projects. With methodological competence, practiced handling of architecture and design patterns, appropriate tools, and expertise in various programming languages, it is possible to ensure project success even for complex tasks.

In a very short time, INVENSITY identified potential for improving our product development processes and developed practical solutions. The quick familiarization with ERCO’s technical domain and the exchange in direct, personal contact are convincing.
Dennis Grunwald
Team Lead Electronic Development


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Norms, Standards, Processes and Guidelines

How good is your software development process? Does it meet the requirements of your industry standard(s)? Are you fully aware of the next steps?

With INVENSITY, you create meaningful GAP analyses and consistently close the identified gaps. With INVENSITY, you get competent and powerful process consulting: engineering expertise from over 200 customer projects and a holistic focus on risk awareness, compliance, and efficiency.

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Continuous Everything & DevOps

The DevOps and Continuous Integration (CI) concept is used to develop complex software in project teams of different sizes quickly and cost-effectively. For this purpose, the CI process provides fast and automated feedback regarding the correctness of an application for each software change.

INVENSITY evaluates the maturity level of your CI environment, as well as the toolchain used, and supplements this with your requirements. The result is a significantly lower release risk and higher efficiency and reliability. This substantially increases the quality of your delivered software and systems.

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Embedded Development

The development of software for embedded systems requires expertise and conformity to standards. INVENSITY supports you in this and takes over the development of prototypes, PoCs (Proofs-of-Concept), or MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).

Our experience in connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth (BLE), etc.) enables us to collaborate across departments. This allows us to leverage our entire digitalization portfolio for you, consisting of Edge Computing, IoT, Industry 4.0, and Artificial Intelligence to Embedded AI.

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Software Quality Assurance

With INVENSITY, you effectively evaluate your software quality. You improve your architecture and code design. And you better coach your team to find a balance for a sustainable pace of your development.

INVENSITY helps you meet the quality demands of the present without compromising future opportunities.

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Agile Software Engineering

Start into the next evolutionary stage of agility: With INVENSITY, you check your current procedure and, following the analysis, receive precisely relevant fields of action and – if applicable – operational support for more effective agile working in the software lifecycle. Especially against the background of standards and norms. Actively shape the change towards agility with our adaptive method EnAgile.

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Trainings and Enablement

Software Engineering is, on one hand, subject to constant change and on the other hand, requires basic knowledge of development methods and standards.

With introductory training courses on software engineering standards such as ASPICE or expert coaching on software architecture, we successfully support you in empowering your teams. Please take a look at the offer of our Academy.

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Open Source Software (OSS)

The examination of licenses and patents should be planned and carried out at the software release and during the selection of suppliers and software components (e.g., free, open-source software). In cooperation with legal security, solid software management minimizes risks and coordinates suppliers and software shares – if implemented during the software architecture.

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Technical Advisory & Software Due Diligence

We understand the technology behind the products. We help develop them. Therefore, we also know how products are successfully developed and what skills are required to do so.

We transfer this knowledge to due diligence to offer a unique service, both for investors and for the sell side.

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Ulf Stocker
Head of Software Engineering