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Modeling gives, initially, vague ideas enough substance to be understood and thought through. After all, what we want to tackle with you is not yet necessarily defined, so it’s easy to talk past each other. A good model helps enormously exchange ideas with you as a customer in an understandable way. At the same time, it provides the basis for a test run later on.

Together with you, we design a service value chain. Therefore, we define a target customer as an abstract persona. This is based on the initial market analyses but becomes more detailed in this step. The goal is to understand the customer so well that their pain points and benefits become apparent. In a customer or user journey, we simulate the intended service and locate the pain points and benefits in the interaction with your product. The result is a clear overview of where value can be generated for the customer. This can be used to derive the core value proposition of your new product-based service.

The next step is to create use cases or feature descriptions. These are designed based on the value proposition of the envisioned service. At this point, you can rely on our experienced software and product developers. Alternatively, we are happy to moderate this step for your team. Here it becomes clear whether your product needs additional features (e.g., a user interface) and what the service ecosystem must consist of in total (e.g., a help desk, a cloud server, and AI data analysis).

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Volker Lippitz
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