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In addition to consulting, we implement what we advise. This is our strength and distinguishes us from our competitors in the agency market. We have repeatedly experienced how difficult it is to explain an abstract concept to an implementation team. The loss of information at the interface between idea and implementation should not be underestimated and regularly leads to misinterpreted features, missing requirements, higher costs, and lost time. What is even more tragic is that an important initiative linked to many expectations often wears itself out at these points and ends up being shut down altogether. In that case, money has been wasted, and internal resistance to a necessary renewal has been built up. This is damage that is almost impossible to quantify. Avoid this hassle – take advantage of our full-service offering.

As innovation and technology consultants, we have experience from thousands of successful development projects. Specifying is part of our DNA, whether it’s technological products or the services associated with them. Our engineering teams can perform product enhancements or infrastructure setups at attractive rates.

We can design the service for you as a mock-up so that users or target customers can experience it and thus provide early feedback. This improves the service before going live.

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Volker Lippitz
Managing Consultant and Service Design Expert