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A good analysis – that’s half the solution. For us, finding realistic potential is significant. Potentials become realistic when existing market opportunities meet actual internal competence. The latter can be based on your products or other competencies that distinguish you from competitors. In this way, you can develop this opportunity at low risk and defend it long-term if this scenario should become relevant in the business case.

When it comes to market analysis and business cases, you can rely on our experienced analysis team from the Mergers & Acquisitions division. This team is specialized in verifying the growth promises of business cases made in the context of a company acquisition within the shortest possible time. Thanks to this competence, the approaches and ideas can be assessed well and thus pre-sorted. Likewise, this team develops complementary business ideas for acquired companies with growth ambitions. To do this, it uses the product and competence analysis results. A typical result might be a roughly evaluated longlist of approx. 30-50 service potentials, from which a more finely elaborated shortlist of 5-10 potentials is selected, and in the end, the top 3 are designed with you in the form of business cases. We prefer to work with you in workshops at this stage, as this also increases the acceptance of the potentials. However, if you just want to be inspired, we can also operate almost autonomously.

In the area of product and competence analysis, you can rely on our experienced technology and process consultants. Our daily business advises customers on technological challenges with their products and helps optimize process flows. We identify and describe functions that are not yet explicit and present and work out your product’s current (U)SP. We do the same with your competencies. Here, depending on your wishes, the depth of analysis ranges from “Quick Check” (questionnaires and interviews with key stakeholders) to “Scientific” (process analyses of your core value creation processes, interviews, and evaluation of work results based on a standardized maturity model – extendable by a benchmarking component with efficiency analysis). The results of the competence analysis often surprise our customers – mostly positively. This is due to most not often being aware of one’s competence. What you do every day seems self-evident. However, in comparison, it often is not.

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Volker Lippitz
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