Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF)

SOTIF (Safety Of The Intended Functionality) covers risks arising from an intended system function, for example, taking into account the environment or situational influences.

From an SAE automation level of one or higher, the consideration of ISO 26262 alone is no longer sufficient, and SOTIF should be considered in the development. ISO/DIS 21448 focuses precisely on these aspects and offers a systematic procedure for identifying these risks and developing countermeasures. Analogous to ISO 26262, the goal is to reduce the risk associated with SOTIF to an acceptable level.

ISO/DIS 21448 describes a complete process parallel to the functional safety procedure described in ISO 26262 and established in practice. The increasing number of driver assistance systems with a corresponding SAE level underlines the relevance of SOTIF for the development process of current and future development projects.

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