“The move towards automated driving will fundamentally change mobility as we know it – In the synergy of human and machine, a revolution is unfolding in which innovation takes the wheel, yet safety always comes first.”

Sascha Hackmann
Principal Consultant & Head of Automated Driving Safety

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Automated Driving Safety

Automated driving is not only our expertise, but also our promise for a revolutionary mobility future. The focus group Automated Driving Safety develops solutions that have the potential to transform the road network into smart, safe and efficient transport routes. In doing so, we use our expertise to help companies shape this future, setting the highest standards in safety and innovation.

Service Offer

Automated Driving Consulting Services

Consulting Services at INVENSITY refer to consulting and empowering of our customers.

We consult customers with the establishment of safety guidelines for work processes and products, ensuring both norm compliance and product release in the field of automated driving. Our services encompass protocol definition in line with safety standards, legal requirements, and company specifications. For existing safety processes, we conduct assessments and evaluations to ensure adherence to standards. We also assist in identifying crucial roles and provide targeted safety training and coaching for effective fulfillment.

Automated Driving Management Services

By our management services, we refer to taking on the responsibilities of the Safety/SOTIF Manager, executing related tasks, and assessing work packages.

We proactively assist our clients in their daily project challenges, meanwhile ensuring compliance with relevant standards and legal regulations throughout the product life cycle. In this process, we prepare essential documentation, take over planning and coordination tasks (e.g., SOTIF Plan and SOTIF Case), conduct analyses (SOTIF HIRE, STPA), and provide access to a range of INVENSITY-developed methodologies aimed at achieving optimal performance (e.g., Agile Safety and Artificial Intelligence Assessment).

Automated Driving Supporting Services
By Supporting Services we mean taking on the role of a Safety/SOTIF Engineer and thus providing operational support to our customers.

We actively help our customers to realize the functional and technical aspects of safety. This includes conducting comprehensive safety analyses and developing safety concepts for automated vehicles. Fail Operational & Fail Degraded concepts, human-machine interfaces as well as safe software safety development, e.g. according to the QNX operating system, must be integrated and taken into account. We also prepare our customers for safety assessments and support them on the way to product release.

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Sascha Hackmann
Head of Automated Driving Safety