We have been designing a safe world for over ten years – together with our customers from a wide range of industries. We adapt our know-how in safety-oriented development to your needs and challenges. We look forward to developing your systems and components with you according to the latest safety standards.

Sascha Hackmann
Head of Safety Management

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Safety Management

Many modern technologies have been developed to make our lives easier and more comfortable, often even to secure or save our lives. As the demands on such systems increase, the complexity increases with each further development step, making higher expenditures in ensuring functionality unavoidable. Remedies include education, training, and efficient and standardized safety management methods.

The COE Safety Management has gained extensive experience in various areas of safety management and is continuously expanding it.

Service Offer

Consulting Services refer to creating a safety culture or enabling our customers.

Establishing a safety culture includes, among other things, defining and evaluating processes and roles.

We offer our customers to define safety guidelines for work products and methods and processes, both according to the respective safety standards and legal requirements, as well as according to the company’s specifications. If safety processes already exist, we offer to perform assessments of the processes and evaluate them according to the standard requirements. Furthermore, we support our customers in identifying and introducing required roles and empowering them through safety training and coaching.

By management services, we mean the interim assumption of the safety manager’s role and performance of the associated tasks and the evaluation of work packages.

We actively support our customers in the day-to-day project work to ensure compliance with the requirements of applicable standards and legal directives along the product life cycle. In the course of this, we prepare the necessary documentation, take over planning and coordination activities (Safety Plan, Development Interface Agreement), perform risk analyses (HARA), accompany system releases, and prepare the corresponding statements for the evaluation of functional safety (Safety Case).

We also perform compliance checks and impact analyses to identify and close gaps in our customers’ current implementation and valid requirements.

By Supporting Services, we mean the interim assumption of the role of Safety Engineer and the associated operational support of our customers.

We support our customers in the functional and technical realization of the development of safety concepts (Functional/Technical Safety Concept) and the establishment and execution of safety analyses (FMEA, FTA, DFA, HAZOP). This ranges from concept development, review, and revision of existing documentation to the preparation of our customers for system releases or internal and external assessments.

In addition, we offer extensive tool knowledge and templates, and guidelines for work packages of applicable standards.


Project references

Functional safety for the development of a control unit for 48V electric drives

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Sascha Hackmann
Head of Safety Management