Safety Management

Many of the modern technologies have been developed to make our lives easier and more pleasant, often even to save or secure our lives. With increasing demands on such systems, complexity increases with each further development step, which makes higher expenditures in ensuring functionality unavoidable. This can be remedied by education, training and the use of efficient and standardized safety management methods.

COE Safety Management has gained extensive experience in various areas of safety management and is continuously expanding this experience.

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Functional Safety Management

Our Functional Safety Management experts support their customers in the introduction and implementation of functional safety projects. This includes in particular the general design and establishment of safety management projects with regard to the methods and processes to be used, as well as the planning and preparation of assessments and audits.

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System Safety Development

The creation and implementation of safety-relevant requirements is a necessary but also time-consuming task. The use of internal employees requires extensive training both in the field of safety management and in the handling of the tools used. The AG System Safety Development takes over part or all of the specification of the safety-relevant requirements, as desired.

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Market Research & Development

Inadequate market research can slow down innovation if technology-driven innovations are assigned to the wrong customers or application areas. The Market Research & Development working group monitors the safety market and identifies new trends, methods and standards at an early stage. Systematic market research identifies innovations worthy of development. These new developments are assigned to the appropriate standards, industries, customers and application areas, taking into account the synergies and premises.

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Reliability Management

While quality management improves and optimizes the quality of a product, the task of reliability management (RM) is to maintain this quality over as long a period as possible. It ensures that components, devices and systems function without failure over their entire life cycle, taking into account the specified maintenance intervals. The Reliability Management & Engineering (RM&E) working group supports projects with the help of methods and tools based on experience in order to identify potential faults or hazards at an early stage of the life cycle.

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