“Our goal is to develop a safe product together with you. You benefit from our many years of experience in safety-oriented development, in various industries, which we adapt to your needs and challenges – all by taking into account the latest safety standards.”

Philipp Hofmann
Senior Consultant & Head of Safety Management

Safety Management

The CoE Safety Management has gained experience in various areas of safety management and is continuously expanding it.​

The demand for technologies has grown steadily. This is accompanied by the increasing complexity of systems. Safety is becoming increasingly important. Education, training, and the use of efficient and standardized safety management methods can help here. We draw on our experience in dealing with the current safety standards in various applications.​

Service Offers

Consulting Services

Introduction of a safety culture, evaluation of processes and empowerment of employees.

Management Services

Deployment as safety manager, ensuring compliance with standards and carrying out risk analyses.

Supporting Services

Deployment as a safety engineer, assistance with the development and implementation of safety concepts and analyses.

Functional Safety Assessment

Realization of a safety assessment in two weeks.​


Functional Safety

Our team of experienced functional safety experts offers customized support for projects that comply with IEC 61508 and derived standards such as ISO 26262, ISO21448 (SOTIF), EN 50126 or EN 60601.

From method and process design to assessment and audit support, we offer professional safety consultancy for functional and technical implementation aspects to ensure the success and compliance of your project.

System Safety

System safety describes a holistic approach to eliminating or minimizing the risks posed by a system.

With a particular focus on the rail and defense sectors, we offer comprehensive expertise. Our commitment extends to ensuring machine safety in various applications to protect critical infrastructure and equipment in all industries.

Automated Driving Safety

Our experts provide customized support for autonomous driving projects and ensure compliance with ISO standards such as 21448, 22737, 8800, and UL 4600.

This includes the creation of safety guidelines, the definition of protocols and the coordination of tasks like SOTIF plans. Our expertise also includes carrying out comprehensive safety analyses such as SOTIF Hazard Identification and Risk Evaluation (HIRE) and System-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) as well as developing special safety concepts for automated vehicles.

Project References

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Philipp Hofmann
Head of Safety Management