Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

Project management is usually characterized by high complexity and routine work.

Artificial intelligences (algorithms) have the potential to decisively relieve project management at these points. For example, by adjusting and optimizing project plans due to delays, capacity bottlenecks or other elements of risk management.

The ability to analyze large amounts of data in a fraction of a second and at the same time draw on empirical values characterizes the potential of an AI. Since the use of AI frees up capacities in project management, these can be used elsewhere in a more value-adding manner.

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Use the potential of automation for recurring tasks and focus on your strategic project management instead

Optimizing your project management through the use of AI or machine learning requires that there is a clearly defined use case. With the “AI Use Case Analysis”, INVENSITY has developed an effective method to support customers with this central question.

Based on your individual use case, prototypes can be developed and implemented step by step. Here, there is not one central tool, but a set of different tools in the form of algorithms with different methods that interlock.

Its purpose is to analyze and evaluate different types of data so that problems in project management can be solved that previously seemed unsolvable, e.g. in the areas of effort estimation, schedule creation, resource allocation or in project reporting or risk management.

We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities of artificial intelligence in a personal appointment.

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What makes INVENSITY unique

INVENSITY is a global technology and innovation consultancy. We are your partner on the way to efficient, risk-conscious and standards-compliant product development.

For 14 years, we have been supporting R&D departments in achieving first-class results – either operationally or in a consulting capacity. Project management is one of our core competencies and has five main areas of focus:

  • Agile project management
  • Classical project management
  • Artificial intelligence in project management
  • Supplier management
  • Process consulting

With our unique methodological knowledge and expertise in Machine Learning, you benefit from an experienced partner who is familiar with the application possibilities of AI and focused on increasing your value creation.