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Agility has long since ceased to be a trend, but is already standard in many companies and an established counterpart to classic project management. Agility demonstrably enables companies to accelerate innovations, work more efficiently and meet today’s VUKA business world.

INVENSITY shows you how agile approaches can shorten product development cycles, improve project and product quality and raise employee motivation to a new level. In this way, we support you in taking advantage of agility and aligning your day-to-day business with the future.

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Agile Transformation
Introduction of agile methods.

Do you want to introduce agility and are unsure how to get started?

We offer a holistic approach to agile transformation and guide you at all levels from adoption to the desired level of agility.

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Agile Enablement
Training for agility.

Want to know how to work in an agile way? We empower you to do it! We focus on the needs and challenges of your employees with agile methods.

Learn how to start the agile journey with Scrum or Kanban. Grow into the leadership role of Scrum Master and Product Owner with the help of a special training.

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Agile Excellence
Operative support and optimization of your organization.

Are you already working in an agile way? However, you wonder if you have already exhausted your agile potential or are looking for operational support?

We offer you our experience as agile experts to accompany you individually on your way to operational excellence

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Agile Transformation

Successfully shaping change.

  • We accompany and guide you through the transformation process and ensure cultural and structural change.
  • We offer you a comprehensive transformation solution through our own successfully developed transformation approach, into which you can bring all your needs.
  • We take a holistic approach to agile transformation, from the organizational level down to the individual employee.

Agile Enablement

  • We focus on the needs and requirements of our participants and offer customized enablement in the field of agile project management
  • We provide you with the theoretical knowledge to successfully implement and apply agile methods
  • We offer you the opportunity to experience how it feels to work with agile methods (Doing Agile)
  • We show you how an agile work environment is structured and sensitize your staff to the importance of an agile mindset (Being Agile)

Agile Excellence

Want to advance your agile efforts?

  • We support you in implementing agile practices, methodologies and frameworks
  • We support you operationally on your journey to excellence with agile coaches, Scrum, Kanban and SAFe experts
  • We strive for best performance with you by optimizing your deployed agile tools with a customized set of agile metrics
  • We review your agile potential with our specific analysis methodology and provide you with a set of improvement actions

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Simon Stieber
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