Process Governance

Process Governance is the purposeful application of rules to design and manage process modeling programs and initiatives.

Among other things, process governance provides

  • a tool to ensure that processes are implemented, used, and improved correctly, thus providing a positive value contribution in a sustainable way
  • a structure to control and manage operational projects during the project lifecycle
  • comprehensive process management required by various quality standards

What is Process Governance?

Process Governance includes the definition of process guidelines and the continuous monitoring of their compliance and implementation.

This activity is managed by the management of an organization, which is responsible for the performance and compliance of the organization. It includes a mechanism for balancing the authority and accountability of staff and improving the prosperity and viability of processes.

Process Governance is intended to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Consistency in process implementation
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Good communication between people involved in process management
  • Training and development of employees.

There are six principles for effective process control:

  1. Standardization: implementation and management of processes according to specific, approved standards.
  2. Innovation: Continuous improvement of processes
  3. Accountability: clarity of responsibility and accountability of involved staff and process-related roles
  4. Efficiency: Efficient allocation of resources
  5. Authority: the power of a governing body to enforce and ensure compliance with process control rules
  6. Excellence: Internal practices support successful implementation of business processes

Why do you need Process Governance?

Processes must be uniformly modeled and transparently represented in process architecture. Employees need reliable references and best practices. Management must be able to view and evaluate processes in a decentralized manner.

Process governance means meeting these challenges and implementing a controlled and uniform process design throughout the organization.

  • Provision of uniform sets of rules and tools
  • Central management of reusable business objects and sub-processes
  • Lightweight approval workflow and a clear view of the process landscape


Process creation is usually associated with a transformation phase. To cope with this situation, we apply our two-part change process.

In addition to the content-related, organizational, or structural elaboration, it is important to us that we focus equally on executing people in the related projects. Our offer covers partial aspects as well as the complete transformation.

INVENSITY supports you in these goals and offers you ideal foundations to combine your process governance with collaborative process design. We offer you:

  • ASPICE Process Governance
  • Functional Safety Process Governance
  • Cybersecurity Process Governance

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Björn Engelhardt
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