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INVENSITY offers excellent transaction advice for the buy- and sell-side of the technological environment

Each team at INVENSITY consists of our transaction advisory experts as well as experienced colleagues from our day-to-day operations, who contribute their profound industry expertise to a successful transaction.

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Transaction Preparation

For the buyer side, INVENSITY can quickly identify “deal-breakers” and significant risks before granting exclusivity. Our particular expertise lies in technology and innovation risks.

INVENSITY can also assist in the identification of target companies when M&A is considered to complement the company growth strategy. INVENSITY sifts through the market in search of suitable targets that can expand the product portfolio or technical capabilities. Initial contacts with the high-priority target companies can be established through the proven INVENSITY network in the technology sector.

For the seller side, good preparation of the sales activities leads to a higher company sale price. Firstly, the seller can concentrate on conducting negotiations and is not under pressure to prepare sensitive documents in the “hot” acquisition phase. Secondly, a good chain of arguments can be established on how to fill the future cash flow planning and sales pipeline with realistic growth options.

Due Dilligence

Classical due diligence has a blind spot: it refers almost exclusively to business figures and only focuses on the past and present. It ignores the true capabilities of a company as well as its future potential. It is therefore questionable whether the actual goal of due diligence – to determine a realistic purchase price – can be achieved with a backward-looking and static approach.

INVENSITY helps to see a company with two open eyes. As technology and innovation consultants, we work in the development departments of the world’s leading technology companies. We understand the technology behind the products. We help develop them. Therefore, we know how products are successfully developed and what skills are required to do so. We also have good insight into the technological markets and future products. INVENSITY has a deep understanding of how companies function and develop.

We transfer this knowledge to due diligence to provide a unique service, both for investors and the seller side.

Transaction Follow-up

The implementation of the results of due diligence is a prerequisite for a transaction to pay off. This includes the risk minimization measures from the Red Flag Report as well as the implementation of the positive potential in a roadmap or a 100-day plan.

INVENSITY starts the activities after the transaction with a future-oriented corporate mission statement and strategy. A roadmap for sales and technology is derived from this. In the next step, based on our industry expertise, the various activities are combined into a growth strategy for the company.

INVENSITY is also able to set up a small and flexible Integration Management Office (IMO). In this office, a joint program management team consisting of INVENSITY consultants and employees of the acquired or merged company will work together. They support the planning and implementation of the defined activities.