High-quality, resilient, and process-oriented security assessments are an essential part of the development process of cyber-physical systems. The threat analyses and risk assessments (TARAs) required for this are very complex, time-consuming, and sometimes nerve-wracking to perform, even for security experts. In this context, clarity, reusability, as well as process and standard conformity lead to efficiency and quality improvements.

We support the creation of such high-quality TARAs with our expertise and by using ISAT 4.0, our specially developed web-based INVENSITY Security Assessment Tool for the systematic and efficient execution of TARAs.  The TARA itself is supported in this way and the subsequent decision on risk treatment and the definition of security mechanisms.

Project references

With our tool ISAT pro, you perform specific cybersecurity risk analyses in a standard-compliant, guided, and efficient manner directly in your development.

Innoventis evaluation:

“50% time savings in processing a TARA, adherence to a process-compliant way of working through a clear specification, and a competitive advantage in customer acquisition.”

A customer of INVENSITY, a Tier-1 automotive supplier, develops a parking heater. A Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) is performed to identify necessary and suitable security mechanisms.

INVENSITY performs a threat analysis and risk assessment based on the TARA. For this purpose, INVENSITY uses the tool ISAT pro, which was developed in-house. This identifies risk factors based on the probable impact and likelihood.

Finally, security measures are defined that reduce the identified risks to an acceptable level for the customer.

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