Norms, standards, regulations and processes

Embedded systems are increasingly networked with each other and the environment and face an ever-increasing degree of automation. As a result, cybersecurity requirements are also constantly increasing. To meet these requirements, several new norms, standards, and regulations for cybersecurity have been created in recent years. Especially in the automotive industry, where UN regulations (R155, R156) and ISO/SAE 21434, mandatory for type approval, have been introduced. But also in other sectors, where customers increasingly demand compliance with standards such as IEC 62443 or the ISO 27000 series.

Understanding which norms, standards, and regulations are relevant and what they mean for daily development work can be challenging. We help you gain this understanding and, taking into account your individual needs, requirements, and existing processes, add cybersecurity aspects to your processes to efficiently and effectively meet the demands placed on you.

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Cybersecurity Gap Analysis according to ISO / SAE 21434

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Cybersecurity Awareness Workshops

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