“A cyber-secure product development based on standards and process compliance: with INVENSITY, you establish best practices from the automotive industry, known for its all-encompassing and detailed approach.”

Björn Engelhardt
Business Unit Manager Cybersecurity

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With INVENSITY, you have a partner who has extensive and long-standing experience in the field of cybersecurity in product development (for embedded systems) and covers a wide range of aspects from a single source, including consulting, coaching, management and engineering.

We always customize our solutions together with our customers. With our own software application ISAT pro, we also offer a state-of-the-art solution for the creation and management of their Threat Analysis & Risk Assessments (TARAs).

We recognized early on that cybersecurity-compliant development is not only beneficial for us, but above all for our customers. Together with INVENSITY, we have positioned ourselves well. We were particularly convinced by the approach of jointly finding a solution that was a perfect fit for us, while benefiting from best practices from other industries.
Arnd Wurst
Team Leader Global R&D – Software Development


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From methodical consulting …

  • The integration of measures in the field of cybersecurity is becoming indispensable for the development departments of technology manufacturers.
  • INVENSITY supports its customers in the selection of suitable approaches and measures, providing advice along the lines of actual needs. At the same time, INVENSITY supplements the competence development of companies at the points where it is necessary.
  • The goal is to enable the company to act competently on its own.

… to operational support.

  • Execution of Threat Analysis & Risk Assessments (TARAs) for (pilot) projects, i.e. definition of aspects (assets) worthy of protection with subsequent complete hazard analysis and risk assessment as well as identification of options for the respective handling of the identified risks.
  • Creation and coordination of cybersecurity concepts (system / software / hardware / safety), including requirements & architectures as well as an assessment regarding the suitability of third-party hardware & software.
  • Taking over cybersecurity management tasks, e.g. project-specific coordination, methodological support of the development team, etc.


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Björn Engelhardt
Business Unit Manager Cybersecurity