Data Value Report (DVR)

Get an overview of the possible uses of artificial intelligence in your company in record time.

With the Data Value Report, our artificial intelligence experts work together with our engineers to give you an individual overview of the possible applications of artificial intelligence.

Thus, in addition to analyzing the data available in your company, you also receive an engineering evaluation of this data.

What is the Data Value Report?

The application possibilities of artificial intelligence are based on the quality of the available data.

With the Data Value Report, you will receive an individual overview of the possibilities to improve your established processes with the help of artificial intelligence and data analysis in a short time (1-2 weeks).

Based on the Data Value Report findings, you can decide whether you want to use the results independently or start a project with INVENSITY.

How is the Data Value Report created?

The first phase is about understanding your data. A decisive influencing factor is the complexity of your systems and the question of whether data already exists and, if so, in what form. In the second phase, we lay the foundation for the later Data Value Report by analyzing your data in four steps:

Step 1

Your company data is first prepared for further processing with our “Extract, Transform and Load” tool.

An initial assessment of the quality of the data is already made here.

Step 2

Using statistical analysis methods, initial statements can be made about correlations and further data usability.

Step 3

Together with our engineering experts, the results are checked for plausibility in order to avoid spurious correlations, for example.

Step 4
Recommendations for action

Our experts from artificial intelligence provide individual recommendations for action tailored to your company.

Your first step towards an intelligent production process

The Data Value Report shows you possible use cases of artificial intelligence in your company and provides an initial overview of financial benefits for you.

You benefit from INVENSITY’s competencies in different disciplines.

Advantages at a glance

  • Short project duration
  • Customized for your company
  • High data security
  • Technical contact persons from different subject areas
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