Data Value Chain

Digitalization means more than just recording data from the real world. Evaluating it, visualizing it and creating new added value turns data into real value creation. A targeted analysis of existing data, possible value creation and possible technical implementation is necessary to present an optimal data value chain.


A set of activities to deliver a valuable product or service is the concept of a value chain, as first described by M. Porter. The ongoing digitalization of companies, processes and products has led first of all to the creation of data as a new resource. As a consequence, the Data Value Chain describes what is necessary to utilize data for developing better products and new related services.


As a technology consultancy we enable our clients to establish, maintain and optimize data value chains as well as to implement the required technologies. Our methodical and technical competencies cover all necessary activity to establish a data driven added value generation.


Identify and evaluate your data sources

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Integrate a custom data gateway

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Data Infrastructure

Design and implement a data infrastructure

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Value Creation Methods

Find value within data

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