“To use AI meaningfully and profitably for our customers, you need the AI know-how and an understanding of the highly complex systems and plants that need to be optimized. Add the entrepreneurial thinking necessary to ensure AI applications deliver real value.”

Dr. Marc Großerüschkamp
Principal Consultant & Head of INVENSITY Technology Hub

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Artificial Intelligence

Together with you, we identify the specific use cases of AI, quantify their benefits and demonstrate their feasibility.

As a long-standing expert in the field of “Artificial Intelligence”, INVENSITY offers medium-sized companies a cost-conscious and yet tailored offer for the use of AI in system and machine operation as well as in production.

As a company at the interface between engineering & IT, we understand complex physical systems and their data in detail with our >200 employees.

We have the data science know-how to identify suitable machine learning applications and evaluate them together with our customers.

INVENSITY is part of the KARLI research project, an AI research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection with a project volume of approximately €16 million. Together with Continental, Audi, Ford, and Fraunhofer IOSB, among others, we are working on the latest ways to transfer the theoretical potential of AI into practice.

INVENSITY is one of the consortium partners in the research project KIMORo. The project focuses on the evaluation of the development and production of an Artificially Intelligent Modular Opensource Robot with regard to technical and economic feasibility. The project is supported by funds from the state of Hesse.

The INVENSITY AI Data Value Report

The INVENSITY AI Data Value Report is a practice-oriented consulting offer for the automated analysis of your data.

Within ten days, we analyze your existing (sensor) data and provide you with concrete suggestions for the individual use of Machine Learning.

In addition to the technical feasibility, we also consider the economic added value, for example, through material or energy savings, better system availability, or quality increases.

Our price/performance ratio is attractive for medium-sized businesses because we combine customized consulting with automated data analysis to identify the most economically relevant application areas of Machine Learning.

The automated data analysis checks, on the one hand, the quality of the data (e.g., completeness and consistency) and, on the other hand, the usability of the content using different Machine Learning algorithms. In the process, more than ten approaches are evaluated. The performance of the trained models is compared with each other so that the economic viability of the AI deployment can be seriously assessed.

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Data Value Chain

Digitalization means more than just recording data from the real world. Evaluating it, visualizing it and creating new added value turns data into real value creation. A targeted analysis of existing data, possible value creation and possible technical implementation is necessary to present an optimal data value chain.

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Dr. Marc Großerüschkamp
Head of INVENSITY Technology Hub