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Ben Reusch
Environmental Sustainability Manager

“We create sustainable solutions that not only meet current requirements, but also shape a sustainable and innovative future.”

Sustainablity is part of our DNA

We are driven by our claim to improve people’s lives through innovations using talents and technology. Without the planet, humanity has no ground to live on. As a company that is designed to last, our solutions for our customers must be optimal, sustainable, and have a long-term view ingrained to our core operations.

We live our values of responsibility, courage, impact, trust, respect and cohesion. For us this is making sustainable behavior indispensable and building our interpersonal relationships sustainably and healthily as a matter of the heart.

In addition, we want to make our contribution to the European Green Deal target, which has set emissions neutrality by 2050. For us, this also includes operating sustainably according to certifications such as ISO 14001 or EMAS validation.

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HOW: Commitment and inclusion

… towards a sustainable development

INVENSITY officially commits to the UN Agenda 2030, where sustainable development means meeting the needs of the present whilst ensuring future generations can meet their own needs. It provides a comprehensive approach to bringing together economic, social, and environmental considerations in ways that mutually reinforce each other (UN Definition).

We hold values of sustainability to the core of our development strategy and include all three aspects of sustainability in our business activities. With Environmental Sustainability Management (ESM) we currently focus on the ecological aspect, where we see the most immediate potential for optimization and innovation.

At INVENSITY, sustainability means seamlessly integrating ecological, economic and social responsibility into our customers’ development processes by supporting them in introducing sustainable innovation concepts, increasing resource efficiency and complying with environmental standards.

INVENSITY internally, environmental sustainability means minimization of CO2 footprint, digitalization of the internal work processes, and responsible usage of all kinds of resources.

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WHAT: A rough outline of the sustainability strategy

ESM Actions

The INVENSITY sustainability strategy consists of two aspects: Not only is our own action part of the strategy, but we are also constantly considering sustainability in our customer projects.

Our sustainable actions cover all levels in our company – business strategy, structures, and people:

  • We commit to sustainability, and act and communicate accordingly.
  • We develop sustainable solutions with our customers that bring about positive change.
  • We create the necessary structures to enable sustainable work, travel, and networking.
  • We lead and inspire each other to contribute to sustainable change by establishing a sustainable mindset.
For contributing to the UN Agenda 2030 we derived our measures from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets. Currently, the ESM Team carries out six main work packages to achieve environmental sustainability: sustainability strategy, KPIs & compensation, sustainable projects, sustainable offices, sustainable mobility, and communication.
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Our Achievements & Actions

Established sustainability KPIs

Measure our CO2 emissions

Defined how to compensate our unavoidable CO2 emissions

Considered sustainability criteria for choosing new offices

Improved German offices to provide a sustainable work environment

Internal communication of sustainable activities for culture change

Continuous involvement of all INV colleagues in form of workshops, interviews and questionnaires

Continuous improvement of our INV mobility concept to minimize our ecological footprint

At INVENSITY, our unique talents find an environment with freedom, responsibility and opportunities. Together we will shape your personal and professional development. Apply now, either on your own initiative or in response to one of our many job postings.

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