All of our business activities are driven by our inner conviction that technology has the potential to make the world a better place. This is the foundation of our mission and vision that we at INVENSITY work toward every day.

We know that you don’t do the greatest things alone, but that you can only do them as a team. That is why the foundation of our actions is a set of values that enable successful cooperation both within INVENSITY and with our clients.


We are the trusted partner for success in a technology-driven environment.


The well-being and success of our clients and colleagues is our most important responsibility, which we live every day and with every action.


Our values form the foundation of our actions. They shape our dealings with each other and our behavior toward customers, suppliers, and the public.


The people at INVENSITY are individual personalities and experts in their field. As different as our skills and characters may be, we are united by our passion for technology. That’s why we stand behind what we do with enthusiasm.

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Soziale Verantwortung

Wir sind uns unserer Verantwortung gegenüber der Gesellschaft bewusst und wollen positiv zu deren Entwicklung beitragen. Deswegen hat INVENSITY seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2007 bereits zahlreiche soziale Projekte – insbesondere mit regionalem Fokus – unterstützt.

Did you know that millions of people worldwide live in light poverty and have no access to light at home, even during the day? The global Liter of Light movement provides technology to these people, showing them how to make solar lamps from recycled plastic bottles to light their communities.

These result in a tremendous increase in their quality of life, as the lighting systems create safety on the streets and allow people to engage in activities of any kind after dusk.

As INVENSITY, we are setting an example by participating in the “Liter of Light” movement and would like to raise awareness for the issue of light poverty. Therefore, we not only support the campaign financially with donations but also enable our employees to make a difference directly on site. The Liter of Light movement in Brazil was even initiated by one of our former employees, Leonardo Uematsu.
Despite the challenges the Corona pandemic brings to staying on the ground, we continue to work together to provide support to people.

Liter of Light has already reached more than 1 million people worldwide. Moreover, this work has been recognized by significant awards such as the UN’s World Habitat Awards and the Zayed Energy Prize, considered the Nobel Prize for sustainable energy.


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“Good ideas are often the start of something great. So is innovation, which has the potential to impact the development and future of our children positively.” (Frank Lichtenberg, Director of INVENSITY)

What does building a bicycle water pump with an electricity generator, setting up a bee stand in a kindergarten, and designing a creative space have in common? All of these projects have the potential to teach children about science, teamwork, sustainability, responsibility, and creativity through play. And since this is precisely the goal of the INVENSTIY kindergarten competition, all of these projects have been among the winning ideas in previous years.

We launched the kindergarten competition in 2010. Our goal is to promote the commitment and innovative ideas of childcare facilities. Daycare centers in and around our five German office locations – Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Munich – are invited to enter. We not only provide prize money totaling 5,000 euros but also offer technical or personnel support if required.

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Do you have questions about the Kindergarten Contest, or would you like to apply with a project? We will be happy to help you at any time at


The highest corporate principle of INVENSITY is the constant assurance of customer satisfaction and its continuous improvement. The benchmark for quality is thus set by our customers.

The quality management of INVENSITY GmbH serves to ensure the quality of services and processes. In addition to meeting customer requirements, continuous improvement is a central component of the company’s goals. Our holistic quality orientation, which determines the thinking and acting of each sub-process, contributes decisively to the quality of our services. For our customers, this represents a decisive quality feature with regard to our professional services.

Focus of the INVENSITY quality management

Every single employee contributes to the assurance of the INVENSITY quality standards through his or her personal performance. That is why the employee is the focus of all quality management activities. They are involved in the continuous development of their personality and skills as well as in the shaping of the company and can thus actively participate in shaping it.

Objectives of the INVENSITY quality management

  • Intensive involvement of employees in quality management
  • Optimization of work and business processes
  • A uniform and comprehensible corporate and quality policy that can be viewed by all
  • Maintaining and systematizing the continuous improvement process
  • Avoidance of redundancies in the departments

Implementation of quality management in the departments and services of INVENSITY

It is ensured that activities relevant to quality and safety are planned, controlled and monitored throughout. The heads of the individual departments meet regularly and report on activities in their areas.

A further core element of the QM system is continuous improvement, which is ensured in particular by the experience of the employees in the projects, who contribute their experience to knowledge management and training.

Wissensmanagement, Lessons Learned & Best Practices

INVENSITY hat ein eigenes System entwickelt, um Erfahrungen und Wissen der Mitarbeiter zu systematisieren. Mit der Wissensdatenbank „Hivescout“ haben alle Mitarbeiter direkten Zugriff auf alle Projekte, Schulungen, Themen und tiefergehende Informationen, welche jemals angelegt und geschaffen wurden. Darin enthalten sind auch systematisch ausgewertete Lessons Learned, aus welchen Best Practices für Folgeprojekte generiert werden.

Ein besonders wichtiger Punkt ist die interne Fort- und Weiterbildung unserer Mitarbeiter. Die INVENSITY Academy sorgt für die Entwicklung und Verbreitung von Wissen und geforderten Qualifikationen. Nach einem individuellen Trainingsplan erhalten unsere Mitarbeiter passgenau die ihren Bedürfnissen entsprechenden Schulungen. Diese werden hinsichtlich ihrer Qualität und Passgenauigkeit stets bewertet und verbessert.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers set the standard for quality. Therefore their judgement of the quality provided is decisive. We measure the satisfaction of our customers with our services in a variety of ways. Through a continuous improvement process, the quality of the services provided is to be permanently increased through the commitment of all employees at all levels.

“Die Mitarbeiter und das Management von INVENSITY haben ein hervorragendes Qualitätsbewusstsein und Prozessverständnis” -Ingo Schiefer, DEKRA Certification GmbH, ISO 9001-Auditor

“Die Firma INVENSITY lebt Qualitätsmanagement auf höchstem Level” – ISO 9001-Auditor

ISO 9001 ist die globale Norm für das Qualitätsmanagement. Sie legt die Anforderungen an ein Qualitätsmanagementsystem (QMS) fest und ermöglicht Organisationen, ihre Leistung zu verbessern, Kundenerwartungen zu erfüllen und ihr Engagement für Qualität zu demonstrieren.

Die ISO 9001-Zertifizierung unseres Unternehmens bestärkt unsere Kompetenz in der Gestaltung effizienter und effektiver Arbeitsabläufe, die es unseren Partnern ermöglichen, effizienter zu arbeiten. Wir verfügen über Instrumente und Prozesse, die die Einführung eines effektiven QMS unterstützen, sowie über Schulungen und Workshops, die von qualifizierten Experten durchgeführt werden. Es liegt in unserem Interesse, dass Ihre Organisation von unseren klar definierten Prozessen und Rollen profitiert, damit Sie sich auf die Erfüllung der Anforderungen Ihrer Stakeholder konzentrieren können.

ISO 27001 ist die globale Norm für Informationssicherheitsmanagementsysteme (ISMS). Sie definiert die Anforderungen, die Organisationen erfüllen müssen, um ihr ISMS einzurichten, zu implementieren, zu pflegen und kontinuierlich zu verbessern.

Mit der ISO 27001-Zertifizierung für unsere Softwareentwicklung und unser Informationssicherheitsmanagement erhalten unsere Partner eine hervorragende Unterstützung durch unsere erfahrenen Experten. Wir mindern proaktiv Sicherheitsrisiken in der Software, entwickeln Funktionen, die mit den Cybergesetzen konform sind, und gewährleisten die Sicherheit Ihrer Unternehmensdaten. Sie können darauf vertrauen, dass Ihre sensiblen Daten und Geschäftsprozesse gut gegen Cyber-Bedrohungen geschützt sind.