• 22. August 2023

    Consultant Adji Arioputro shares his upward career and personal development at INVENSITY, as well as advice on becoming a technology consultant.

  • 18. Mai 2023

    Senior Project Management Consultant Marc Bollmann, Head of Software & Data Technologies Department Marc Großerüschkamp and Associate Project Management Consultant Johannes Behne discuss potential solutions that use AI to conduct risk analysis and status determination in project controlling.

  • 18. September 2020

    What led Flight AF 447 crash into the Atlantic Ocean? Our experts from the CoE Analytics & Sensorics shed light on the systems configuration and implementation and analyze the sequence of events that led to the eventual catastrophe.

  • 15. April 2020

    We can confirm that the spread of COVID-19 is currently slowing down fairly rapid using the data from April 15th (R = 0.89).

  • 9. April 2020

    We compare the current and the target (as required by the government) spread of COVID-19 using the epidemiologic models from the previous article feeded with data provided by the Robert Koch Institute.

  • 8. April 2020

    Different epidemiologic models are used to describe the behavior of COVID-19. In this article, we explain their usage and how their parameter are obtained.

  • 7. April 2020

    In this article we present evidence that the contact ban ordered by the government is beginning to achieve first successes. We also discuss the different data sources and summarize the development of the last month.

  • 3. April 2020

    The CoE Analytics & Sensorics analyses on a regular base available COVID-19 data to give insights into possibilities and constraints of Data Analysis.