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Our offices are more than just workplaces – they provide a professional home for all our colleagues and are an expression of our corporate culture.

And they are what our unique talents make them: Places of creative exchange, think tanks and idea hubs, places where we can meet and interact, and places that hold shared experiences and memories for us.

Self-determination & collaboration

New Work

It is important to us to offer you and all our teams and talents future-oriented work structures that offer added value for themselves and for our customers. In a trusting environment and with each other, we therefore place a clear focus on your self-determination and self-realization.

At the same time, we are convinced that personal interactions are essential for your growth, your professional empowerment and the development of innovations. Accordingly, we live a hybrid work concept that allows you to work on the road as well as in the office and flexible working hours.

Hybrid work

Work location

Today’s world is fast-paced and demands a fair amount of flexibility from all of us. Accordingly, we offer you a working environment that allows you to combine the advantages of working in the office and mobile working and adapt them to your own life reality.

As a knowledge-based company, we place a lot of value on personal and direct exchange, which is why our offices are well attended. As a rule, you work hybrid, i.e. on the majority of days per week you can choose where you work.

Depending on the project, it is still necessary for our consultants to be on site with our clients on a regular basis. Especially in the start-up phase of projects, this is useful for all sides to get to know each other and coordinate.


Working time

At INVENSITY, you have many options to balance your work life with your personal life. In addition to the choice of work location, flexible working hours are part of our New Work concept. Here, too, we have found a solution that allows you to reconcile self-determination with working together as a team.

Core working hours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Germany enable you to collaborate globally across all time zones at INVENSITY. Flexible working hours outside of these core working hours offer sufficient leeway for individual lifestyles, personal needs and family demands.

Our unique talents find an environment with freedom, responsibility and opportunities at INVENSITY. Together we will shape your personal and professional development. Apply now, either on your own initiative or in response to one of our many job postings.

Seize opportunities

Degrees of freedom

From the combination of your personality, your experience and your commitment you create innovations. At INVENSITY, you work both internally and on-site at the customer in mixed teams. In this way, many years of experience, fresh ideas and new theoretical knowledge combine in an ideal way, creating new synergies and potential for your personal development.

Your flexibility allows you to be open with regard to topics, tasks and locations. At INVENSITY, you can work on projects in different industries, companies and areas of expertise and thus gradually build up a broad knowledge of the industry. This requires a basic willingness to be mobile, especially at the beginning of your career.

You can expect to work 40 hours per week on your client project – plus your input for internal projects. This additional commitment serves the consistent development and expansion of our knowledge and forms both the basis for your career development and for appreciative bonuses. We offer and expect flexibility from two sides, which is why INVENSITY does not have time tracking, but rather trust-based working hours. You will not always work exactly eight hours a day. Additional performance will influence your results and performance-oriented bonus accordingly.

Develop together


Starting a new job is exciting, thrilling and offers a wide range of opportunities. At the same time, a new start usually comes with a lot of questions and uncertainties. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone by your side who has already experienced all of this himself and is a confidential contact person? Someone who guides you and with whom you can also work exclusively on your personal development?

Every employee at INVENSITY gets access to an experienced personal mentor from day 1. The goal of this mentoring is to support the employee (mentee) in personal development and career planning.

Lifelong learning


#NeverStopLearning – Continuing education and personal growth are the key to achieving one’s own goals. With the INVENSITY Academy, we have created a framework that professionalizes and systematizes the design of your own learning and development path. It ensures that you can participate in high-quality training courses several times a year, as well as in coaching and exchange formats throughout the year.

Through the Academy, you have access to a catalog of more than 100 trainings – for both personal and professional skill development.

Our unique talents find an environment with freedom, responsibility and opportunities at INVENSITY. Together we will shape your personal and professional development. Apply now, either on your own initiative or in response to one of our many job postings.

What we all benefit from

Our benefits

At INVENSITY, we always have the long-term relationship with our talent in mind.

We create a work environment with unique development opportunities, personal freedom and a vibrant corporate culture.

We know that the greatest things cannot be achieved alone, but only together as a team.

Accordingly, we create a working environment that is characterized by trusting interaction with each other. To this end, we regularly bring our talents together: on a local, national and international level, in the form of congresses and company celebrations, afterworks and teambuilding events.

This way, you can easily network with INVENSITY experts from all locations and also exchange experiences and ideas, learn from each other and create shared memories in an informal setting.

At INVENSITY, growth takes place not only through participation in training and actively practiced mentoring, but above all through everyday exchange with colleagues and through actively coordinated knowledge management.

At INVENSITY, you start out in a team of experienced people with whom you are organized in one of our Centers of Excellence.

This allows you to build a broad network across competencies, countries and languages, from which you will benefit in your project work and potentially throughout your life.

We attach great importance to ensuring that our talents at INVENSITY develop in the best possible way.

This includes optimal career planning, for which we have developed transparent career paths and promotion criteria. Career steps are not time-bound, but depend on your commitment.

In biannual perspective meetings, current personal development and feedback from all relevant company interfaces are jointly reflected upon and next steps and goals are recorded. They also provide the opportunity to determine salary increases and bonuses linked to targets.

At INVENSITY, we want to make the start of your new professional life as pleasant as possible.

During the Onboarding Days at the beginning of the month, you will be professionally introduced to the company, our processes and the corporate culture by experienced colleagues in a group with other new starters, so that you can get started right away. This means that you will lay the foundation for your personal internal company network from day one.

You will receive your first training from the Academy and will then be entrusted directly with the first work packages in your future office.

Learn more about the process in our blog post “Onboarding at INVENSITY”.

We equip you with the technical equipment you need to work efficiently and successfully. You can use both your laptop and your new iPhone not only for business, but also for pleasure.

In our office you will find fully equipped workstations with two monitors – all you have to do is choose a place (shared desk concept) and plug in your computer.

With a job ticket, you can easily commute to work and explore the surrounding area without worrying about transportation costs. All our offices are well connected to public transport.

This not only saves you money but also helps you reduce your environmental footprint and create a sustainable future.

Shape the future


At INVENSITY, we believe that innovations have the potential to improve the lives of people around the world.

Accordingly, we see it as our fundamental task to actively contribute to this: We take responsibility and continuously reduce our ecological footprint as a company with the strategic measures of our Environmental Sustainability Management and thus create a positive impact on our environment.

Live diversity

Equal opportunities

INVENSITY is a value-oriented, responsible employer.

Everyone in our team should feel welcome at all times and be able to be himself or herself.

In addition, everyone is given the same opportunities to develop and grow based on their individual skills and talents as well as life situations, through commitment, proactivity and the assumption of responsibility.

Our unique talents find an environment with freedom, responsibility and opportunities at INVENSITY. Together we will shape your personal and professional development. Apply now, either on your own initiative or in response to one of our many job postings.