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Relaxion in everyday life and work – Part II

Sitting down for brief periods can help us unwind from stress or recover from exercise. But nowadays, our lifestyles make us sit much more than we should. In this article, we provide you with some tips on how to include more movement into your work routine.

Relaxion in everyday life and work – Part II2020-09-18T11:59:52+02:00

What good processes have to do with soccer

When OEMs demand a specific evidence of mature processes from their suppliers, you seldom get a happy look. However, if used properly, customers can benefit from this demand.

What good processes have to do with soccer2020-09-18T11:56:31+02:00

How uncertainty can be made predictable

At the peak of our current crisis, companies are left feeling paralyzed and uncertain about their future. One possible way of gaining planning reliability again is to adapt internal work processes.

How uncertainty can be made predictable2020-09-18T11:55:03+02:00

Relaxion in everyday life and work – Part I

Whether at home, at work or at university - in everyday life we are often confronted with stressful situations. A focus on mindfulness can help to counteract this.

Relaxion in everyday life and work – Part I2020-09-18T12:00:26+02:00

INVENSITY Kindergarten Contest 2020

Everyday life for children is no longer the same as before Corona. The way back to regular operation in day-care centres holds great challenges for everyone involved. INVENSITY dedicates its Kindergarten Contest 2020 to the solution of just these challenges.

INVENSITY Kindergarten Contest 20202020-09-18T12:00:57+02:00

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

AI is revolutionizing the industry - but how can you benefit from this technology? Our AI experts have found a way to assess AI according to its suitability for different companies.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions2020-09-18T11:52:19+02:00

Everyone can be a leader!

What does leadership have to do with going to the gym? This is a question INVENSITY's Director, Frank Lichtenberg, answers in his key note.

Everyone can be a leader!2020-09-18T12:01:36+02:00

AI in project management

Artificial intelligences are becoming more and more common in companies and in our everyday life. This raises the question why project management in companies is still almost completely unaffected by artificial intelligence?

AI in project management2020-09-18T11:50:14+02:00