Start Academy Testimonial: Grant Thornton x INVENSITY

Grant Thornton creates a Digital Academy with INVENSITY’s support

The world is undergoing a digital transformation, and Grant Thornton takes all employees on the journey.

Together with INVENSITY, a Digital Academy was launched. Divided into three areas: “Digital Database, Digital Campus, and Digital Services”, it offers knowledge, promotes learning, and empowers action. Existing content from the People & Culture area is expanded and supplemented with digital aspects. This will build a common digital understanding and strengthen digital competencies to continue to be perceived by clients as an innovative and technology-savvy consulting and auditing firm.

We are convinced of the opportunities of digital transformation, and the Digital Academy is an essential building block and investment for the successful transformation and achievement of Grant Thornton’s goals.

Industry: Financial services, auditing

Headquarters: Düsseldorf, Germany

Number of employees: 1,500

Locations: 11 in Germany


Four Goals

Focus on employees

Basis for digital transformation

About Grant Thornton

Objective and background information

With around 1,500 employees working in 11 German offices, Grant Thornton helps clients achieve their goals. Their award-winning professional expertise is just as important as the deep understanding they have developed of their clients’ business models, industries, and special requirements. They create a tailored solution to their client’s challenges.

The central goal of the joint project between Grant Thornton and INVENSITY was to create a tool to support digital transformation and actively shape change. Employees and partners should be enabled to use the possibilities of digitalization and technology. This includes tools as well as processes or workflows up to new digital business models and innovation opportunities for Grant Thornton, its employees, and also its customers.

After several joint projects, Dr. Frank Hülsberg, board member of Grant Thornton, approached us and asked us to create a concept for a Digital Academy. With our own Academy since 2007 and as a trusted partner of Grant Thornton, we were an excellent choice to create this concept based on Dr. Hülsberg’s ideas and align it perfectly with the vision and goals of his departments “Technology and Innovation” and “Governance, Risk, Compliance & Technology”.
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“Successful digital transformation starts with our employees. With our new Digital Academy, we empower them to use technology efficiently and effectively to create value for our customers. INVENSITY, with its own Academy, has been a strong and trusted partner to develop our Digital Academy offering for the future.”

Dr. Frank Hülsberg
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
& Partner at Grant Thornton

Shared goals

The approach

Grant Thornton’s employees are at the center of a successful digital transformation and of achieving the goals of Technology & Innovation and Grant Thornton as a whole.

The existing competencies within Leadership & Management, Tools, and Professional Skills are supplemented and expanded by “Technology & Innovation Competence”. This builds on familiar structures and provides the most important content and skills for Digital Transformation. Functional Skills will continue to be managed by Grant Thornton’s business units.


Advanced training effectively impacts key metrics such as culture, engagement, productivity, reduction of skills gaps and mismatches, business growth, employee recruitment and retention, innovation, and accelerating digital transformation.
An intensive analysis was carried out to achieve the best possible effect at Grant Thornton with the Digital Academy in the short, medium, and long term.

Digital Academy

A reasonable investment in the near and distant future

The employee is at the center

and receives a broader range of training through the Digital Academy, which has an immediate positive impact on people and their efficiency and effectiveness. In the short term, it aims to make the best use of technology to become more efficient. The freed-up capacity then opens up further potential.

The accelerated Digital Transformation

is one of the key medium-term effects. The Digital Academy ensures that all employees are involved in the change process. It is an overarching instrument and thus serves to promote exchange across divisions and groups. It creates a framework for strengthening the culture, exchanging ideas, and learning from each other or together. The offerings also keep expertise up to date and thus ensure competitiveness.

Increasing value creation

is favored in many ways by the Digital Academy. Since the focus is also on people in the long term, increased value creation is achieved through increased employee loyalty. In addition, value creation is also felt through empowerment to create new digital business models or to interact in new ways with clients and partners.
In the long term, the ability to change and be agile, as well as increased innovative strength, mean that the organization can constantly evolve and adapt.


Higher productivity, increased employee satisfaction, and improved collaboration that is flexible in terms of time and space


Accelerated Digital Transformation, Stronger Culture and Employee Engagement, and Up-to-Date Expertise


Increased value through employee retention, business growth and increased innovation


Stronger culture, employee engagement, employee recruitment and retention, reduced skills gaps.


Increase productivity, strengthen collaboration and communication internally and with clients, work more efficiently with each other


Accelerated digital transformation, digitizing own services


Competent appearance towards clients, business growth, greater innovative strength

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