The offer of the INVENSITY Academy is an integral part of the career development of our employees, who can thus receive comprehensive and specialized further training. In addition, we are also happy to offer the training courses to our customers as well as to external interested parties, and we support up-and-coming talents at universities through our university workshops.

The Academy has three functions: By imparting knowledge, students and career starters are given the opportunity to expand their skills in a targeted manner before entering the project world. The offer for knowledge transfer gives all INVENSITY employees the chance to deal with new topics and skills and to take their personal further education into their own hands. With the knowledge transfer, the Academy offers external business partners, customers and companies the opportunity to benefit from our experience and expertise in individual trainings.

Would you like to introduce your employees to the latest technological developments? Your engineers need expertise in a specific application program or knowledge in economic areas for a project? Are you considering how you can make the further training of your employees in your company more innovative?

You benefit from experienced trainers, an actively coordinated transfer of competence and knowledge as well as the interaction of all areas of INVENSITY. Because INVENSITY does not understand career in the classical hierarchical concept, but as a model of entrepreneurial competence and self-development.

The competence career therefore means for us
– Becoming more valuable for clients and colleagues
– Being able to design ever greater complexity
– Developing broader and deeper knowledge
– Develop holistic competences
– Taking on different roles
– Through the growth of its own space also better able to empower the customer

By means of our Individual Development Plan (IDP) our employees are viewed in their entirety. With the help of the IDP, the individual, self-chosen development goals of the employees are taken into account. By empowering our employees, we are also able to empower our customers through consulting, methods and training. Through targeted knowledge management, we can transfer our practical experience and cross-sector best practices into professional and goal-oriented training.

The structuring and channeling of their experience is done by our competence centers and the INVENSITY Innovation Center. In cooperation with the INVENSITY Academy, professional trainings are created on this basis and continuously developed.

New approaches are discussed, evaluated and if necessary integrated into existing trainings. Studies, specialist lectures and articles are both the basis and the result of technology and trend monitoring, which helps us to stay well informed about the latest developments.

Based on the concept of competence development, we offer you an individual and customized training program, which will help you to achieve the desired skill and role profile. You can either use the skill and role profiles we suggest or we can support you in developing and defining your own profiles.

Use Case: Development of a technical expert into a team leader

The development of a technical expert into a team leader requires an expansion of competence in depth and breadth. This involves three of the four core areas: the development of personal excellence, building up knowledge in the area of methodical skills and acquiring methods and application knowledge in the area of social competencies and leadership.

The contents are conveyed through a combination of different training forms and methods, so that individual needs and learning types can be addressed. Communication and self-management are taught and deepened in a group training, while a specific training in the area of methodical skills can take place as 1-to-1 coaching.

Since the area of social competencies and leadership is the focus of further development for the team leader, specific training is provided here: Knowledge in disciplinary management, employee leadership and agreements as well as leadership theories are learned here. This is conveyed in an application-oriented manner by means of practical exercises and case studies by experienced consultants, so that the knowledge learned can be immediately applied and put into practice.


Sie profitieren durch erfahrene Trainer, einen aktiv koordinierten Kompetenz- und Wissenstransfer sowie das Zusammenspiel aller Bereiche von INVENSITY.

Konkret heißt das: Unsere Trainer sind seit Jahren in ihrem jeweiligen persönlichen Schwerpunkt als Experten auf Projekten im Einsatz. Ihre Erfahrung wächst stetig aufgrund ständig wechselnder und branchenübergreifender Tätigkeiten.

Basis unserer Trainings bildet ein aktives und toolunterstütztes Wissens- und Kompetenzmanagement. Dadurch können wir unsere Praxiserfahrungen und branchenübergreifende Best Practices in professionelle und zielorientierte Trainings überführen.

Die Arbeit im Beratungsumfeld spielt sich auf vier Ebenen ab: Auf der Implementierungsebene, der Projektsteuerungsebene, der Ebene der persönlichen Entwicklung sowie der Führungsebene. Die INVENSITY Academy bietet hierfür spezielle Trainings an, die sich nach den jeweiligen Bedürfnissen der Teilnehmer und Aufgaben der einzelnen Ebenen richten.

Workshops und Trainings für die Implementierungsebene sind unter dem Begriff Technical Knowledge zusammengefasst. Sie setzen an der Basis an, im direkten technischen Umfeld. Dazu gehören unter anderem Schulungen zu bestimmten Entwicklungs-Tools aus dem Ingenieursumfeld oder zu rechtlichen Normen und Standards in speziellen Anwendungsgebieten. Trainings im Bereich Technical Knowledge vertiefen das fachliche Wissen in einem ausgewählten Gebiet, mit dem Ziel, die gewonnenen Erkenntnisse in der Praxis anzuwenden und mit Kollegen zu teilen.
Weiterbildungen rund um die Projektsteuerungsebene finden sich im Bereich Methodical Skills wieder. Sie richten sich an Personen, die Methoden in Entwicklungsbereiche einführen und etablieren, Projekte steuern und Prozesse optimieren. Hier bietet die Academy zum Beispiel Trainings im Projektmanagement und zu verschiedenen Disziplinen aus dem Systems Engineering an. Trainings im Bereich Methodical Skills bauen das methodische Wissen in einem ausgewählten Bereich aus, mit dem Ziel, das Gelernte praxisnah anzuwenden und an Kollegen und Mitarbeiter weiterzugeben.
Stetige persönliche Weiterentwicklung wird durch den Bereich Personal Excellence begleitet. Hier werden neben persönlichen Stärken die sozialen Fähigkeiten und Soft Skills gezielt entwickelt. Darunter fallen zum Beispiel: Verhandlungsgeschick, Kommunikationsfähigkeit und Selbstorganisation. Die Trainings der Personal Excellence ermöglichen den Teilnehmern eine selbstbestimmte und selbstverantwortliche Planung, Organisation und Gestaltung sowohl des privaten als auch des beruflichen Alltags.
Trainings im Bereich Social Competences erweitern die Fähigkeiten der Teilnehmer, im respektvollen Umgang mit Kollegen und Kunden eine harmonische Zusammenarbeit zu ermöglichen.
Wer Mitarbeiter erfolgreich führen und die eigene Karriere ausbauen will, braucht nicht nur Fachwissen, sondern auch spezielle Führungsfähigkeiten. Beides vermittelt die Academy mittels unterschiedlicher Trainings im Bereich Leadership. Die Trainings richten sich an die vier Rollen der Führung und ermöglichen einer (zukünftigen) Führungskraft sich auf die Führungsrolle vorzubereiten und diese mitarbeiterfördernd auszuführen.

University trainings

We offer you and your university group high-quality training in the field of soft skills and project management, which goes beyond the information provided in teaching.

Our offer is aimed at all university groups

Clubs and associations
Student consultations
Racing Teams
Find out about our offer here and make an appointment with us directly:

Communicating in challenging situations

Paul Watzlawick’s quote “You can’t not communicate” hits the nail on the head: Communication is a very important part of our lives. At some point each of us comes into a challenging situation in which we are forced to prove our communication skills. Regardless of whether we have a crisis meeting in the project team or a conversation with a difficult contact person – with adequate preparation we can appear much more confident and thus achieve desired results in all situations.

INVENSITY shows you how to communicate in such challenging situations.

During our workshop, participants learn the methodology of communication by means of a case study and simulations. In addition to group work, each participant will have the opportunity to conduct simulation conversations and improve their skills. The event is aimed at all those who like to work on demanding tasks in teams and would like to gain an insight into the challenging work of consultants. At the end of this exciting day, participants will receive detailed feedback on their contributions and the results.

Negotiating in challenging situations

Each of us comes at some point into a difficult situation in which we are forced to negotiate. Negotiations are therefore an essential part of our lives. Regardless of whether we are talking to our boss about our salary or whether we are having a conversation with a difficult contact person – with sufficient preparation we can appear much more confident and thus achieve desired results in all situations.

INVENSITY shows you how to successfully conclude such negotiations in difficult situations.
During this workshop, participants learn the methodology of proper negotiation by means of a case study and simulations. In addition to group work, each participant will have the opportunity to conduct salary negotiations.

The event is aimed at all those who like to work on demanding tasks in teams and would like to gain an insight into the challenging work of consultants.

At the end of this exciting day, participants will receive detailed feedback on their contributions and the results.

Presenting in challenging situations

In the course of our lives, we are repeatedly faced with challenging situations in which we have to assert ourselves and present ourselves in the best possible way. A professional appearance is expected in lectures at university, in job interviews as well as in presentations in everyday professional life.

INVENSITY shows you how to prepare a presentation perfectly with simple tools and how to inspire the audience with your body language.

Our workshop will again be a varied mixture of theory and interactive group work, rounded off by detailed feedback at the end of the day.

The event is primarily aimed at students of engineering and natural sciences who like to work on challenging tasks in teams and would like to gain an insight into the exciting work of a technology and innovation consultancy.

Management of innovative high-tech projects

Innovation projects are characterized by their high complexity and risk potential in the development of new technologies and services. A good project manager identifies critical situations at an early stage, gets them under control again with as little frictional loss as possible (risks) or takes advantage of the opportunities that arise (opportunities). Planning is often a neglected factor and is given very low priority in favour of short-term deadline pressure. The consequences can be quality problems and reduced customer satisfaction.

Since a technical case study is dealt with, the course is primarily aimed at students of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering, industrial engineering and management, and technical computer science who are already in their main studies. The workshop aims to convey the basic elements of project management.

The workshop is divided into three parts:

Communication is an essential element of project work. It is a prerequisite for team success. In this workshop you will learn the basics of efficient communication.
Project management methods and tools help you to master complexity, to present technological projects transparently and to take control measures at the right points. A selection of standard tools gives you an insight into how INVENSITY consultants meet the daily challenges.
Real projects combine soft skills and methodological competence. For this reason you will have the opportunity to work on typical project situations in teamwork and simulations, to present them and to consolidate the knowledge you have learned.

Inhouse Service

INVENSITY supports you with your individual training program. For this purpose we develop trainings in the areas of Personal Excellence, Social Competences, Methodical Skills and Technical Knowledge, which are adapted to your needs.

The training development adheres to the standards of adult education and incorporates innovative methods. are the basis of every training development:

The inclusion of different seminar methods adapted to the situation
Interactivity between training participants and trainers
Balance between theory and practice through e.g. cases and group work
High degree of visualization
Further training documents
Basically, there are many different forms of media support for the transfer of knowledge. Depending on the target group, the content and the training framework, we support you in choosing the appropriate media support.

Media support: Learning documents are made available online, an online coach accompanies the learning process.
Blended Learning: Integrated form of learning that allows certain parts of a training course to be conducted in the classic form of classroom training and other parts to be learned using e-learning measures.
E-Learning measures: An exclusively digital form of learning that can be used in different ways to achieve different results and is suitable for a specific content.
App-Learning: Teaching of content by means of suitable apps.
Nugget Learning and Learning on demand: Design of contents for short learning units, which are suitable for learning in between and on the way.

Human resources development is often understood as simply participation in further education offers such as training, coaching or workshops. This approach is neither sustainable nor target-oriented, because a targeted development of competence does not only consist of a series of different training measures.

The understanding of personnel development of the INVENSITY Academy considers the individual development wishes of the employees and compares them with the development needs of the company. Thus, further training measures are initiated which fulfil both the employee and the company goals.

INVENSITY understands personnel development as a maturity of the employee on the personal as well as on the technical level. Personal development is understood as development in breadth – technical development as development in depth. With both levels in combination the employee expands his competences by gaining space. In the sense of a learning organization, not only does each employee expand his or her individual competencies, but with him or her the company also expands.

INVENSITY is able to evaluate your employees externally. Due to years of experience in the field of employee assessment we are able to assess the level of personal development and know-how of employees of a technically oriented company.

Based on a well-founded analysis, recommendations for action can be made regarding further education and development measures.

If special solutions are required, workshops are a means of choice. In small groups, challenges can be tackled together outside of the regular activities (of everyday work).

INVENSITY provides support for specialist workshops and is able to moderate them and lead them to a sustainable result. In this case an INVENSITY trainer takes over the leadership of the workshop and ensures the following

Promotion of the motivation of all participants and their active participation
Joint and cooperative leadership to a previously unknown outcome
Providing methodological support to enable the group to work efficiently and in a results-oriented manner
Determination of the temporal and structural sequence

Conflicts are part of our lives, whether in our private or working environment. Unresolved conflicts create discomfort in our social life and determine our professional performance.

The INVENSITY Academy can effectively manage and resolve conflicts. With the help of various mediation strategies we can mediate in conflict situations and contribute to de-escalation and resolution.

In cooperation with the conflict parties we sharpen the awareness for each other and for sources of conflict. If there is an understanding of the “when” and “why” of the disputes, it is possible to work on the attitude and behaviour of the parties in conflict. For this purpose, a group of communication strategies and courses of action are presented. Once a suitable attitude and strategy has been established, actions can be taken to de-escalate the conflict and post-conflict analysis can be undertaken to avoid future critical situations.

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