INVENSITY Technology Consulting

Efficient. Risk-aware. Compliant.

INVENSITY Technology Consulting

Efficient. Risk-aware. Compliant.

Are you developing excellent technology solutions that meet the challenges of today? We support you with our method and process expertise.

As a technology and innovation consultancy with an international scope, we are your partner when it comes to an efficientrisk-aware and compliant product development.

You can rely on us both as an accompanying consultancy and as an operational engineering partner within your project – across all aspects of your development process.

Our Centers of Excellence are an expression of our expertise. They embody our core competencies and those topics to which we attach particular importance.

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Latest Products


INVENSITY: Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

ISAT pro is our web-based security assessment tool for the systematic and efficient execution of Threat Analyses and Risk Assessments using attack trees.

With ISAT pro, it is possible to directly assign possible security controls to vulnerabilities and to compare their effectiveness.

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EU Whistleblower Directive

INVENSITY & WKGT: Whistleblower System

Are you searching for a whistleblowing solution to implement the EU Whistleblower Directive?

The whistleblowing solution from Warth & Klein Grant Thornton and INVENSITY enables you to implement the EU directive successfully and without great effort.

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Reigning uncertainty with foresights

INVENSITY & Rohrbeck-Heger: STORMS

Based on their long experience in the field, Rohrbeck Heger has created STORMS (Scenarios. Tactics. Operations. Response. Manual. Strategy.). Drawing from proven methodologies and with the operational capabilities of INVENSITY, the method enforces strategic clarity within your organization by addressing your key uncertainties, their impact on your organization, your response options and priorities, and ensuring the transfer into action.

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Artificial Intelligence

The INVENSITY Technology Hub conducts research with partners on various topics in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The associated knowledge build-up as well as the competence to apply existing knowledge to new fields is a decisive component to enable our customers in the best possible way.

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Partnership with Avoncourt Partners GmbH

INVENSITY announces cooperation with AI specialist Avoncourt (Website). The cooperation is aimed at the implementation of large joint projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

Avoncourt is a neural networks developer and Artificial Intelligence technology integrator servicing private and public organizations.


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