INVENSITY advises Rivus Capital on the acquisition of a majority stake in Cornelsen Group with a Technical & Market Due Diligence

February 16, 2024 – Reading time: 4 minutes

INVENSITY advises Rivus Capital on the acquisition of a majority stake in water treatment specialist Cornelsen Group with a Technical & Market Due Diligence

  • Rivus Capital has acquired a majority stake in Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH, Essen, and Cornelsen Ltd, Nailsea, (“Cornelsen Group”)
  • Cornelsen Group delivers technologically advanced, high-quality, efficient, and sustainable systems and services for the treatment of contaminated water
  • Technology and management consultancy INVENSITY provided Technical & Market Due Diligence

Wiesbaden, February 18th, 2024 – The technology and management consultancy INVENSITY GmbH advised Rivus Capital on its acquisition of a majority stake in Cornelsen Group and conducted the Technical and Market Due Diligence.

With this investment, Rivus Capital supports the growth strategy of company founder Dr. Martin Cornelsen in the highly attractive water treatment market especially with the leading and patented PerfluorAd® PFAS treatment technology.

Cornelsen Group delivers technologically advanced, high-quality, efficient and sustainable systems and services for the treatment of contaminated water. For customers from industry and the public sector, solutions are offered in the areas of contaminated site remediation, drinking water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, mobile water treatment and water analysis. A key focus area is the purification of PFAS-contaminated water. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), known as “forever chemicals” due to their long-lasting and persistent properties, are used in industry including medical technology and the semiconductor industry or in fire-fighting foams, as well as in numerous consumer products such as textiles, cosmetics, (food) packaging, cookware and paper coatings. PFAS are released into the environment via the air or via domestic and industrial wastewater contaminating both soil and water. Through this contamination, PFAS enter the food chain and thus human organs. The harmful effects and health consequences for humans are far-reaching.

With their patented PerfluorAd® technology, Cornelsen Group has developed a solution to remove PFAS compounds from these soils and waters.

Cornelsen’s PFAS treatment technology PerfluorAd® marks a crucial step forward in safeguarding public health and the environment by efficiently removing harmful chemicals from water, ensuring safer drinking water and mitigating pollution impacts,” says Matthias Welge, Head of Investor Support at INVENSITY.

The Technical and Market Due Diligence was conducted at INVENSITY by:

  • Mattias Welge (Head of Investor Support, Lead)
  • Stephan Kremser (Technology)
  • Lisa Kreß (Commercial)

About Rivus Capital

Rivus Capital is an owner-managed family office based in Munich and invests capital by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The focus is on medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are already creating a sustainable, clean, safe, and healthy world for current and future generations.

Rivus Capital invests in the areas of “efficient use of resources” and “healthy living”. Through operational and strategic know-how, an extensive network of experts, a hands-on operational approach and flexible capital, Rivus Capital brings real added value to entrepreneurs and management teams.

Visit Rivus Capital’s website to learn more.

About Cornelsen Group

Cornelsen Group, based in Essen (Germany) and with a branch in Nailsea (UK), has been offering a broadly diversified portfolio of services and products for water treatment and contaminated site remediation since 2001. With the patented PerfluorAd® process, which was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, Cornelsen Group has positioned itself as a leading company in the emerging market for the purification of perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS).

Thanks to its high level of process and technological expertise, PFAS can be removed using mobile as
well as stationary systems. Cornelsen Group covers the entire value chain from analysis and laboratory tests to pilot trials and plant operation. Customers from industry and the chemical sector as well as municipalities, local authorities and utilities from Germany, the UK, Benelux, Scandinavia and the USA have been relying on Cornelsen Group solutions for years.

Visit Cornelsen Group’s website to learn more.


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