INVENSITY’s next chapter: Opening doors in Sweden for Tech Innovation and Business Expansion in Scandinavia

INVENSITY expands up north by opening a new office in the heart of Scandinavia, Sweden. Explore how Sweden, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and industry giants like Ericsson, Spotify, Scania, and Volvo, is setting new standards in telecommunications, music streaming, automotive, and cleantech.

April 12, 2024 – Reading time: 3 minutes

As a global company, INVENSITY is on the constant lookout for growth and new market opportunities. We believe in diverse teams and the strength of collaboration across continents. Today, we are present in Germany, USA, Spain, and the Philippines. In the future, we will open an office in the heart of Scandinavia, Sweden, to contribute to their tech landscape. Telecommunications, music streaming, automotive, and cleantech – these are just some of the industries that Sweden is setting new standards for, both in terms of technological advancement and social impact.

The Scandinavian tech sector stands out from its European counterparts through their competitive spirit, global competence, and commitment to sustainability. Sweden, with its cutting-edge technology, proudly hosts industry giants like Ericsson, Spotify, Scania, and Volvo. Beyond these established giants, however, is the emergence of innovation across sectors like manufacturing and life sciences, all driven by a shared commitment to digitalization and sustainability. Moving outside of Sweden, influential players like Nokia (Finland) and Telenor (Norway) contribute to the region’s collective tech prowess. Cross-border initiatives like THINGS (Sweden) and Oslo Science City (Norway) also showcase their commitment to the region’s collective progress. In short, Scandinavia is fertile ground for lucrative business prospects that INVENSITY can leverage.

Despite their revolutionary tech reaching a global scale, Sweden must still actively confront their own social issues. The urgency to address environmental concerns, for example, has birthed the likes of Northvolt’s green battery solutions which were quickly contracted by the world’s largest automotive actors. Their solution to their growing elderly population came in the forms of KRY’s digital healthcare platforms and top-notch incubation programs. Until such a time exists where Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia no longer has these problems, the opportunity to shape a brighter and more sustainable future remains open.

INVENSITY can provide Scandinavian clients with a wide range of technological expertise. In the field of engineering, we offer services such as Automotive SPICE, V-model, Model-Based Systems Engineering, Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment, CI/CD in DevOps, SOTIF, compliance with industry standards, and strategic due diligence. We also assist clients in their adoption of an Agile framework by establishing a PMO and operative functions according to Scrum, Kanban, or hybrid project management methodologies. Additionally, INVENSITY’s Academy can provide trainings for companies, leaders, and universities – building on their constituents’ personal and professional development.

We look forward to supporting new clients with their challenges, whether they are related to automotive, systems engineering, or cybersecurity. Read more about INVENSITY’s competencies and current consulting industries on our website.

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