INVENSITY advises SHS Capital on the acquisition of a majority share in Essert Robotics

August 29, 2023 – Reading time: 3 minutes

  • SHS Capital acquires majority share in Life Science Robotic Automation specialist Essert Robotics
  • Technology and management consultancy INVENSITY advises with technology and market know-how
  • INVENSITY provided commercial & technical due diligence with focus on market environment and competitive position of Essert Robotics

The technology and management consultancy INVENSITY advised SHS Capital on the acquisition of a majority share in the German company Essert Robotics, as well as conducted the commercial & technical due diligence.

Essert Robotics is located in Bruchsal, Germany and will firmly retain its strategic direction and operating model, serving industrial clients in the life science and pharmaceutical sector with flexible robotic solutions. They will utilize the market and technology synergies with SHS to enhance its business across a wide range of fields, from healthcare to biotechnology production. These synergies will aid Essert Robotics to continue concentrating on innovation, quality, and reliability of products, services, and support.

“Essert Robotics is a great example of how innovative robotic solutions help to automate workflows that usually require manual labor. With innovative solutions, Essert Robotics helps to reduce production cost which is a critical factor in the Life Science industry”, says Principal Consultant Daniel Meyn.

In recent years INVENSITY has been mandated several times for technical and/or commercial due diligence in the field of robotics and industrial automation technology. The INVENSITY team used its profound technology and product know-how from their long-term experience in this industry.

About SHS Capital

Since its foundation in 1993, SHS has been investing in innovative companies in the healthcare sector. SHS focus is to help shape European champions in their respective healthcare segments or support them in their further expansion. In addition to capital, SHS essentially provides networks and expertise in the areas of approval and reimbursement in the USA and China, marketing/sales, staffing and exit.

About Essert Robotics

Baden-Württemberg-based Essert was founded in 2012 and over the past eleven years the firm has developed flexible robotics for the pharmaceutical and life science industry. Its Essert MicroFactory product is “an intelligent and modular production platform” which can form a fully scalable production line consisting of a network of several advanced robotic workstations.


INVENSITY is a technology and management consultancy with an international scope. It runs offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Munich, Detroit (USA), Barcelona (Spain) and Manila (Philippines). Investor Support Practice advises buyers and sellers on international M&A activities of companies with key competencies in innovative technology solutions. The focus is on commercial, operational, technical and IT due diligence for the following industries:

  • Automation Technologies
  • Internet of Things
  • Cleantech
  • AI & Data
  • Digital Business

The commercial and technical due diligence with focus on the evaluation of the competitive position, as well as the technical analysis of the products, were conducted by:

  • Matthias Welge (Head of Investor Support)
  • Daniel Meyn (Principal Consultant, Commercial)
  • Simon Hofmann (Principal Consultant, Software / IT)


  • Matthias Welge

    Head of CoE Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Daniel Meyn

    Principal Consultant

  • Simon Hofmann

    Principal Consultant

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