Thriving as a technology consultant in INVENSITY – an experience report

Consultant Adji Arioputro shares his upward career and personal development at INVENSITY, as well as advice on becoming a technology consultant.

August 22, 2023 – Reading time: 5 minutes

Our latest blog post features our colleague, Adji Arioputro, and INVENSITY’s influence in his upward career growth and personal development. He also shares three pieces of advice for future consultants looking to make a real impact in a technology-driven society.

Coming from a mechatronics engineering background, I sought a new challenge in a new country where I was able to shape my career as a technology consultant. After becoming a software developer in Germany, I have found joy in software development. Writing Python code, as well as creating continuous integration solutions and innovative software solutions for our customers, are just some of the things I get to do in my dynamic role.

My name is Adji, and this is the story of how I became a technology consultant.

Getting My Bearings in Technology Consulting

Before INVENSITY, I worked as an operations engineer in Singapore after studying in Indonesia. Eventually, I moved to Germany for my master’s degree in information technology. At the tail-end of my study, I was approached by a colleague to apply at INVENSITY. After learning about the company and undergoing the application process, I took a leap as I thought that this is where I can encounter my next challenge.

When I first started as a technology consultant, I had the impression that they were knowledge workers. Always having an open mindset, being ready to learn and share insights across various industries like energy, automobile, or optics, and combining information from different departments and branches to create customized best practices for our customers. As it turns out, I was right!

Embracing the Role of a Technology Consultant

As I immersed myself into this role, I was able to don many hats. I became a software developer, tester, test architect, process engineer, DevOps engineer and much more. In these roles, I was part of an R&D team working together with the customer on cutting-edge technologies in fields like semiconductor technology and autonomous driving.

My work may seem complex to many, but to me, this is my bread and butter. For one of my projects, I created a test framework for a software solution that needed to be properly documented. I also conducted trainings and coaching for clients to have a better workflow and workload, as well as software development best practices.

However, as a consultant and a software developer, I grapple with the timeless dilemma of dedicating long hours on my “works of art“ and attending to my stakeholders’ concerns. One of these concerns would be our clients needing to synchronize their requirements, and it is up to us consultants to help them find what they need.

Creating and Recognizing Impact

One of the most fulfilling aspects of working at INVENSITY was witnessing the tangible impact of my contributions. Understanding how my code and test architecture added value to their R&D daily operations and receiving feedback on how automation can help their developers reach their goals, was truly an eye-opening experience, giving me a greater sense of purpose to excel.

Although much of my work can be done remotely, meeting our stakeholders on-site allowed me to better understand their needs as well as gain a sense of camaraderie instead of a pure customer-supplier relationship. In a sense, it builds trust.

The Power of Trust and Freedom

In one of my recent interviews with a potential coworker, he asked me a very good question: “What drives you to stay at INVENSITY?” I thought about my response, and then I came to an answer that I stand by even today: Working here provides me with an incredible platform for continuous learning and growth.

With the flexibility to switch between different roles and projects, I was able to acquire a diverse set of skills and perspectives. Whether it is technical knowledge or learning how to communicate and trust colleagues, the availability of resources has been invaluable in honing my expertise. Moreover, mentorship and a supportive work environment have encouraged me to be my best self and help nurture my colleagues‘ growth. All these great things I experienced at INVENSITY would not have been possible without my incredible team.

Parting Wisdom for Your Journey

If you want to be a technology consultant like me, or a person looking to make your own impact in the world, I leave you with three pieces of advice to accompany you in your journey:

  1. Stay curious. Never stop learning and exploring new opportunities at work and in your personal life.
  2. Actively listen. Consulting clients, or even just doing any kind of work, requires you to listen to your stakeholders’ needs to implement your solutions effectively.
  3. Be a craftsman. I try to make my code “a work of art” of which I can be proud of. Embrace what makes you unique and let that shine in your work.

About the Author: Adji Arioputro

Adji originally came from Indonesia and earned his Master of Science in Information Technology at Hochschule Mannheim with a specialization in sensorics and embedded systems. Adji currently works at INVENSITY as a DevOps Consultant.

If you are interested in working as a technology consultant, check out our career website and embark on your career journey with us!


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