Unveiling personal growth and development at INVENSITY – an experience report

Consultant Ben Reusch shares how working at INVENSITY positively impacted his career and personal growth and some tips on how young professionals can grow in their careers.

May 25, 2023 – Reading time: 5 minutes

Our latest blog post features our very own colleague Ben Reusch and how INVENSITY positively impacted his life and career. He also shares three tips he believes could help newcomers overcome adversity at work.

As someone who finds joy in tackling complex problems head-on, being a technology consultant gives me the perfect platform to use my talents and make a real difference in the world. From joining forces with industry experts to work on interesting projects, to taking on leadership and mentorship roles, my opportunities to grow as a person and as a professional are almost limitless.

I’m Ben, and I’m here to talk about my reasons for working at INVENSITY, as well as offer some practical advice for navigating the working world.

The People

What won me over at INVENSITY right from the start were the people. I work with smart and exciting individuals whom I learn from and feel thrilled working with. If many great people are working at this company, there must be good reasons for it.

Culture, Learning, and Recognition

Besides the people, what was most important for me in my first full-time job was being able to learn a lot and expand my skills while having fun and enjoying the freedom to develop myself.

INVENSITY offered me exactly that.

I was challenged and empowered from the beginning, always encouraged to grow, and given the means to do so without feeling overwhelmed. Challenges like temporarily co-leading a Center of Excellence (CoE), recruiting fresh talent, and becoming a trainer after a little more than a year, were the opportunities that helped me grow into my role.

One of these opportunities includes being the Rollout Coordinator to introduce ASPICE to an automotive supplier. This role allows me to support our customers not only in their compliance with requirements, but also in their ability to do proper planning and controlling, leading them to produce higher quality products with lower costs and waiting times.

Tools for Growth and Collaboration

What I appreciate about INVENSITY’s culture is how involved people are in making the company a better fit for everyone. The team spirit and positive interactions between me and my colleagues have helped create a supportive work environment the company is known for. Furthermore, INVENSITY’s feedback culture is remarkable. The way people deal with feedback is open and aimed at advancing each other as people and professionals. 

Unfolding Freedoms

Everyone in INVENSITY has the freedom to start their own initiatives.

One initiative I’m particularly proud of is the work I do as part of the Environmental Sustainability Management team. For one, I get to assess how sustainable our company’s projects are, as well as recommend climate mitigation and adaptation technologies that we should increasingly address in the future, such as efficient battery management systems. Another is that I get to identify which companies are making climate-conscious ventures and the areas in which INVENSITY can offer its expertise for their projects.

As I do all these things, my company provides me with encouragement, discussion partners, and above all, committed comrades-in-arms with whom I enjoy spending time both on and off the job. Outside of work, my coworkers and I also get to do fun activities like bouldering, cart racing or testing games developed by some of our teammates during lunch breaks.

Developing Myself Further

Thanks in large part to my colleagues, I’ve been able to learn an incredible amount in the last year and a half. Recently, I started passing this on, onboarding new starters, imparting knowledge, and holding training sessions. I’m also growing into my new roles as a trainer and recruiter and taking on more responsibilities in projects, managing both internal and customer teams. Hopefully, I can take on more projects geared toward environmental sustainability because I believe that going that way is necessary to make life better for all of us.

Tips for Young Professionals

For those who are just starting their careers, here are three things to keep in mind:

  • Gather feedback early and often. This is the fastest way to learn, and you will have an easier time getting to know yourself and your colleagues better.
  • Ask lots of questions. Nobody expects you to know everything, so take the chance to acquire new knowledge.
  • Be proactive and patient. Set goals and do your best to achieve them but remember that too much pressure is counterproductive. Give yourself time to get used to all the new things and build up knowledge and expertise.

About the Author: Ben Reusch

Before joining our team, Ben earned a master’s degree in industrial engineering with a focus on mechanical engineering. Ben is currently a Consultant for the Project Management department of INVENSITY. He is always eager to solve problems simplifying, automating, and playing around.

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