INVENSITY advises LAB14 on the acquisition of a majority stake of Nanosurf with a commercial and technical due diligence

January 27, 2023 – Reading time: 4 minutes

  • Lab14 acquires majority stake in Swiss Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) specialist
  • Technology and management consultancy INVENSITY advises with technology and market know-how
  • INVENSITY provided commercial due diligence with focus on market environment and competitive position of Nanosurf

The technology and management consultancy INVENSITY advised Lab14 Group, a subsidiary of RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft (RSBG SE), on the acquisition of a majority stake in the Swiss company Nanosurf and conducted the commercial and technical due diligence.

Nanosurf AG will remain a Swiss corporation headquartered in Liestal and will firmly retain its strategic direction and operating model serving both academic and industrial customers in materials and life sciences. Nanosurf will continue to concentrate on innovation, quality, and reliability of products, services, and support.

Lab14 is a group of successful high-tech companies that provide advanced manufacturing and surface analysis solutions. The products and services offered by the Lab14 companies serve a wide range of demanding nano- and microfabrication as well as surface characterization applications. Nanosurf will utilize the market and technology synergies with Lab14 to enhance its business across a wide range of fields, from biotechnologies to semiconductor manufacturing.

In recent years INVENSITY has been mandated several times for technical and/or commercial due diligence in the field of measurement technology. The INVENSITY team used its profound technology and product know-how from their long-term experience in this industry.

About Lab14 Group

Lab14 provides advanced manufacturing solutions and is a group of successful high-tech companies with complementary products and services for a wide range of applications that require demanding solutions for nano- and microfabrication and surface analysis.

Lab14 supports growth of each of its individual companies and at the same time fosters synergies between the companies to generate a competitive and technological advantage over other players in the field.

Lab14, a subsidiary of the RSBG SE, is wholly owned by the RAG foundation. The RAG foundation finances the perpetual obligations that the German hard coal mining industry has left behind and promotes projects in the areas of education, science and culture.

About Nanosurf

Founded in 1997, Nanosurf is a Swiss based high-tech company providing scanning probe microscopes. The product range starts with very compact AFM and STM instruments, followed by state-of-the-art research atomic force microscope systems, all the way up to fully customized and comprehensive next-level solutions.


INVENSITY is a technology and management consultancy with an international scope. It runs offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Munich, Detroit (USA), Barcelona (Spain) and Manila (Philippines). Investor Support Practice advises buyers and sellers on international M&A activities of companies with key competencies in innovative technology solutions. The focus is on commercial, operational, technical and IT due diligence for the following industries:

  • Automation Technologies
  • Internet of Things
  • Cleantech
  • AI & Data
  • Digital Business

The Commercial and Technical Due Diligence with focus on the evaluation of the competitive position as well as the technical analysis of the products was conducted by:

  • Matthias Welge (Head of Investor Support)
  • Daniel Meyn (Principal Consultant, Commercial)
  • Marc Großerüschkamp (Principal Consultant, Technical)


  • Matthias Welge

    Head of CoE Mergers & Acquisitions

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