Onboarding at INVENSITY – an experience report

September 8, 2022 – Reading time: 2 minutes

In our latest blog post, our colleague Nancy Dehling, who started at INVENSITY in early July, shares her experiences from the past ten weeks.


My first day at INVENSITY was July 4th – and it started directly with the onboarding days at the INVENSITY’s headquarters in Wiesbaden. During three days, we were introduced to the way of working, internal structures and processes, and the INVENSITY culture. Since we were a group of new starters, it was the perfect occasion to get in touch with all of them immediately.

Starting as a group of people staying in the same hotel, being invited to after-work events in the office, and learning from experienced colleagues about the company before starting with my first work packages, gave me a sense of security and a good feeling for the upcoming collaboration.To me the onboarding was unique, because the focus was not only on the future work but also on our personal development and work-life balance.

Summer Congress

My start couldn’t have gone better since the next event was the INVENSITY Summer Congress. Right after the onboarding days, we traveled with all the other colleagues to participate in that 3-days-corporate event in a hotel in the south of Germany. Even colleagues from Manila, Barcelona, and Detroit took part.

The Summer Congress offered exciting insights into the company’s current state and the path we want to take together and showed a lot of team-building activities. The event focused primarily on the aspect of networking – and while having good drinks and food, doing sports and competing in tournaments; everyone learned new things about the team.

Starting in the Office Dusseldorf

Back home, the normal working began. I started the mentoring with my mentor, I got introduced to my focus group (“Process Transformation”), and finally, my first client project started.

First, I had to get an overview of the project and gain project-specific knowledge. The project goal: To implement the standard ASPICE in the client’s company. For this purpose, the goal is now to carry out a first development project in compliance with ASPICE. Together with the customer, processes and work packages are designed, which form the basis for the ASPICE implementation. For our client, ASPICE lays the foundation for the cooperation with OEMs. It allows to focus on development in new projects, and, among other things, allows the early detection of possible errors in the development, which could have an immense impact on costs.

My resume so far

INVENSITY is so special to me because it defines values and lives by them. The team of talents is what matters most at INVENSITY. It’s not only talking; I feel it every day.

It surprised me how multifaceted the work at INVENSITY is. While the focus is on customer projects, there are so many other opportunities to grow, whether in the department, the Academy, through mentoring, or with the support of the HR department. Anyone who wants to make a difference with the job will be enabled to do so.

About the Author: Nancy Dehling

Nancy joined our team on July 4th. Before joining us, she gained a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering with a focus on mechanical engineering. Currently, Nancy is a member of our focus group Process Transformation and she is working on a client‘s project that focuses on ASPICE implementation.


  • Nancy Dehling

    Associate Consultant

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