Making autonomous driving safer. This is KARLI.

August 3, 2021 – Reading time: 2 minutes

INVENSITY will be actively involved in the BMWi funding program “Artificial Intelligence as a Key Technology for the Vehicle of the Future” for the next 3 years. The goal of the KARLI  project is to develop an adaptive, responsive and level-compliant interaction between humans and the vehicle of the future and to use Artificial intelligence (AI) methods to develop new safety-related assistance systems.

Dr. Marc Großerüschkamp is the Head of Technology Hub and the person responsible for INVENSITY’s part within the KARLI project.

INVENSITY: Hello Dr. Großerüschkamp, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. The KARLI project (Artificial Intelligence for Adaptive, Responsive and Level-Adaptive Intelligence in the Vehicle of the Future) started at the beginning of July. What is it about and what are you most looking forward to?

Dr. Großerüschkamp: Together with our project partners, with KARLI we are pursuing the goal of using artificial intelligence and machine learning to make automated driving a safe and comfortable experience for every passenger with their individual needs. Personally, I am looking forward to working with the partners and learning from each other.

INVENSITY: Why is KARLI a forward-looking project?

Dr. Großerüschkamp: AI technologies have now reached a high level of maturity. KARLI is forward-looking because the potential of these technologies is now being exploited to specifically address the current challenges of automated driving.

INVENSITY: What is the positive impact of the KARLI project and what is its USP?

Dr. Großerüschkamp: Automated driving can make traffic even safer and also more energy efficient. A positive impact of KARLI will be to drive this trend forward.

INVENSITY: Who is involved in the project?

Dr. Großerüschkamp: The consortium consists of 11 partners, each of whom contributes individual competencies and experience. Included are: Continental, Ford, Audi, Fraunhofer, paragon semvox, TWT, studiokurbos, Allround Team, Hochschule der Medien, Uni Stuttgart and INVENSITY.

INVENSITY: What role does INVENSITY play in this groundbreaking project?

Dr. Großerüschkamp: We at INVENSITY are focusing on cloud-based AI development of safety-critical systems in the project and are developing suitable process models for this. For example, we will build a suitable cloud infrastructure, develop safety concepts and also train AI models for early prediction of motion sickness.

INVENSITY: How long is the project scheduled to run and who from INVENSITY is involved in it?

Dr. Großerüschkamp: The project will run for three years. Various centers of expertise will be involved in INVENISTY. These include Data Systems, Safety Management, Cybersecurity and the Technology Hub.

INVENSITY: You said that the project is funded by the BMWi. Could you perhaps explain the background to this in a little more detail?

Dr. Großerüschkamp: The BMWi has a funding program called “New Vehicle and System Technologies”. This program supports projects that make an important contribution to the use of new technologies in development. We outlined the first project ideas together with Fraunhofer IAO and Continental. Then we were able to win over more and more partners and together we developed the KARLI project application.

INVENSITY: Thank you very much for your time and the exciting insight into the KARLI project.


  • Dr. Marc Großerüschkamp

    Head of Software & Data Technologies

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