Press Release: Successful commercial and technical due dilligence

June 25th, 2021 – Reading time: 3 minutes

INVENSITY advises RSBG portfolio company RSGB Advanced Manufacturing Technologies GmbH on the acquisition of Notion Systems GmbH, a supplier of industrial inkjet printing systems, with commercial and technical due diligence

  • Successful transaction in the field of functional inkjet printing systems
  • Technology and management consultancy INVENSITY advises with technology and market know-how 
  • Commercial due diligence with focus on market environment and competitive position 
  • Technical due diligence with focus on disruptive potentials of the product portfolio  

Düsseldorf, June 21, 2021 – The technology and management consultancy INVENSITY GmbH has advised RSGB Advanced Manufacturing Technologies GmbH (RSGB AMT) as a portfolio company of RSBG SE on the acquisition of the medium-sized high-tech company Notions Systems GmbH from the company’s founders as well as other investors and conducted the commercial and technical due diligence.

The aim of this transaction is to continue RSBG AMT’s growth strategy. The market for functional inkjet printing systems, in which Notion Systems is located with its range of industrial inkjet printing systems, promises attractive growth potential. At the same time, RSBG Advanced Manufacturing Technlogies is thus expanding its own technological competence.

INVENSITY has already been mandated several times in recent years for technical and/or commercial due diligence in the field of electronics and printing technology. In this context, the consulting firm made particular use of its in-depth technology and product know-how from the numerous consulting projects in the special machinery construction environment.

About Notion Systems GmbH

Founded in 2012 with headquarters in Schwetzingen, Germany, Notion Systems GmbH is a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers for the additive manufacturing market. The product and service portfolio offers solutions for industrial mass production in the areas of displays, electronics, printed circuit boards and 3D printing. Digital process development and after sales services complement the product portfolio.


Founded in 2014, the investment company sees itself as a long-term partner to medium-sized companies. Accordingly, the company uses a buy-and-build strategy to invest in successful medium-sized companies. RSBG SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the RAG Foundation, invests primarily in companies whose products and services are highly relevant to global changes in the areas of population development, climate change and new technologies.

About RSBG Advanced Manufacturing Technologies GmbH

RSBG Advanced Manufacturing Technologies GmbH (RSBG AMT) is an investment company founded in 2019 and a wholly owned subsidiary of RSBG SE based in Essen. RSBG AMT includes Heidelberg Instruments and its Swiss subsidiary SwissLitho, Multiphoton Optics, Notion Systems, GenISys, as well as 40-30 and the SPECS Group.


INVENSITY is a technology and innovation consultancy with an international focus. The consultancy operates offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Munich, Detroit (USA), Barcelona (Spain) and Manila (Philippines). Among other things, it advises buyers and sellers on international M&A activities of technology-oriented companies. The focus is on commercial, operational, technical and IT due diligence for the following industries:

  • Software/IT
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Cleantech/environmental technology
  • Electronics industry
  • Automotive and transport industry
  • Medical Technology
  • Energy and building services engineering
  • Optical industry

The commercial and technical due diligence with focus on the analysis of the competitive position and technical analysis of the software was performed by:

  • Matthias Welge (Managing Consultant, Lead)
  • Nadine Bey (Senior Consultant, Technical)
  • David Dengler (Associate Consultant, Commercial)

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  • Matthias Welge

    Head of CoE Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Nadine Bey

    Senior Consultant

  • David Dengler

    Associate Consultant

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